questionswould you buy canada's glow-in-the-dark coin?


it's radioactive and they use it to track your every move...

since they add the french version to everything, I don't buy anything 'cept hockey pucks from canucks, EH.


No, I'm not going to pay $29.95 (Canadian) for a 25 cent coin.


This reminds me of the scammy companies that "colorize" US quarters and dollar coins and then sell them for $29.99 on late night TV. No thanks.


Just wow! Sadly people will be all over this and they will make a ton of money.


Nope. I looked at it, and thought it would say it's got some silver in it.. but nothing. No sale!


@90mcg112: I wonder what a cashier's face would be if you used one of those bad boys to pay.


I'd buy it if there was some kind of deal where they doubled the offer, and all I had to pay was separate processing and handling. Maybe if it came with a state of the art LED book-light too. Yeah, I'd definitely want that.


I saw this and immediately messaged my friend in Toronto with "seriously?" :) Mostly because yesterday we were talking about these...

Canadians are cool.


first Looney's and now these? wonder if people still find Canadian quarters in their change. Now that I don't live in MI anymore, I hardly see them.


The Royal Mint is a for profit corporation, so it isn't exactly like the U.S. Mint or Bureau of Printing and Engraving. If you think it is cool, then buy it, but don't expect that it will significantly appreciate in value.


@wilfbrim: Oh, so then it is like those scammy companies on late night TV?

You know the ones that have the really teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the TV that says "The Scammy Mint Corporation is not affiliated with the US Mint or federal government even though we call ourselves a Mint and make it seem like the items we sell are official, but they're not, and we said so right here in 4 point font, so you can't sue us...."


I'll just settle for finding one in my change from the store. (Always finding Cannuck coins in my change.)


@90mcg112: Not quite. It's as if you combined those scammy companies with the real U.S. Mint. This place actually does mint coins for the Canadian (and other) governments that are real, legal tender.