questionswhere are the best prices for glow sticks online?


To the right I see "related deals"...wootbot had posted up one from at's website shows they get theirs from the Green Group LLC...Green Group LLC has a storefront at Amazon. Secure shopping and you have more shipping options. :-)

This should take you to their storefront:

Oh, and Green Group LLC is listed as being in Maryland.


I use them when camping... Usually dollar tree sells them cheaply enough, and I'm told they even sell in bulk if you contact them via their website...


@claudicina: Dollar Tree is cheaper but I would have to buy 576 to order per the website. No local dollar tree for me. Thanks, if I travel I will stop by one.


Orientaltrading usually has lots of glow stick, glow necklace, glow stuff.
Shipping for me has been fairly quick - sorry I can't give a timeline and I haven't checked if they have expedited shipping.