questionssears in vineland, nj - do they have patio…


Basically, you need to pay an equivalent amount to NJ sales taxes at some point. If you're in one of those half sales tax zones in NJ, you've covered your obligation. If you're in a part of PA where the sales tax is 7%, you're all set. If you go to PA, and pay 6% PA sales tax, you're on the hook for the extra 1%. If you buy from Newegg (who has a facility in NJ), you're charged sales tax, so you're covered. If you buy from Amazon (who doesn't charge NJ sales tax - at least not until next summer), you won't pay sales tax, so you're on the hook for that on your tax return. If you go to Delaware (0% sales tax), you're on the hook for that.


@dcalotta: Absolutely true, in fact I just had that discussion yesterday about how I report that to my tax accountant with some relatives. What I don't know is how (if at all) that differs from buying online and not paying taxes. I just generally give my accountant everything and he decides what to do. So maybe going somewhere in my state that is lower sales tax is a better option. I happen to live in one of those locations so that's pretty easy, though we have limited shopping options (hence the lower sales tax - depressed area, trying to bring in more revenue).


For what it's worth, crossing over to DE doesn't absolve you of your NJ sales tax obligation. You're supposed to report it on your NJ 1040 (provided you're a tax resident of NJ) and pay use tax on it.


@mkdr: I'm near Turnersville. I never seem to think of going to Delaware.


Duh. I've been up all night with a vomitting child and wife. Not the fastest thinker right now.


I'm not sure what direction you live from Vineland - but couldn't you go to Delaware and pay no taxes? That's what I do. Of course it has to be worth the bridge toll (for me $1, but general toll is $4 over the Del Mem bridge).

Otherwise, also try looking online to see what is available in the store and also check availability at the Sears Outlet in Deptford (if that is local - full tax but can be good discounts) or Christiana DE (no taxes longer drive and toll).


I would call the store and ask.