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Does the birthdy party have a theme of any kind?

This year is the 2010 winter Olympics so maybe something that can be linked to that. Plus it is also world Cup Soccer this summer if the boys play soccer. I am still thinking, just trying to get some ideas too on where you want to go with this.


I like small tools. If they were kids I knew, I might give pocket knives all around, but this is a different day, and parents might be quite annoyed with you.

[Edit] Okay, I KNOW you said under five dollars, but I have these, and it's a fascinating and cool thing.

Just for coolness value:


@shrdlu: You have the right idea, I may order the clock book for our house. Perfect for a bunch of brainiacs. However, I really don't want to spend that much.

@hobbit: This is where we're holding the party (they do the shirt.woot parties here...check it out, it is a very cool place).
The closest thing to a theme will be Star Wars references, but that is true for most things with my daughter (Star Wars & American Girl for her).


Yo-Yo's, super balls, small sports balls, hats, slime, plastic bugs / animals, hot wheels cars, anything camouflage and silly string are always favorites.
Sports balls, small footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs etc, sweat bands, sport bottles, shoelaces, stopwatch, whistle
Silly putty, sidewalk chalk, deck of cards, whoopie cushion, Yo-Yo's, play dough, super balls, cush balls, digital watch, hacky sacks, pencils, pens, small flashlights, sunglasses, blowouts, horns, hats, helium balloons, balloon animals, bookmarks are all great ideas for classic favors.
Snow globe
lip balm
Small flower pot with seeds
Sidewalk Chalk
Playground ball


Talk to the Museum Gift store about what they would do for you for a gift package or a discount on buying a bulk of gift cards - IE you pay $5 per card but the kids get to buy up to 25% more.

I did that with a cosmetic store manager a few years ago for my dd's 13th b'day - We worked out $25 gift cards for $20. They were able to use them after their make-overs :-)

You start to get into a number of kids they make make you a bulk deal on gift cards. Then the kids can get what they want from the museum.


@hobbit: Oh, silly putty, you are brilliant! Best tech tool ever. I have turned stores upside down looking for it when I was traveling.

Most important thing about silly putty for tech folk? Non-conductive. Dropped a screw inside a case, and the machine is on, and it CAN'T be turned off? Silly putty on the end of a plastic tube, and the screw is retrieved. Best temporary fixative, best all around everything.

Shrdlu loves silly putty.


The only item remaining from my son's numerous parties over the years is a whoopie cushion which makes reappears when least expected to great joy. I disliked him getting candy, chalk, and insta-break toys. One party gave a group picture (it was a close group of friends) which was kind of nice.


@hobbit: Thank you. Popular, but we already have a ton of that sort of thing at our house. The kite is a great idea but it's Jan. in the Midwest. I love the seed/pot but "we did that last year."

@wootvan: The whoopie cushion idea got two thumbs up. "You can never have too many whoopie cushions." I'm getting somewhere.

I love the books that Shrdlu suggested. I'm hoping that some sort of a cool kit or book like that will turn up at a good price.

@combustiblekitty: Great idea! I will have to remember negotiating on gift cards for the future. I want to keep the kids away from the gift store on this visit. Her teacher told me that $10 was a good amount to spend on a b-day present. We spent a lot more than that at her old school but she's in a program that draws from all over the city. $5 doesn't buy a lot & I don't want parents to end up having to spend money there (at least one of the parents is unemployed). The invites are actually +1 so parents can be there without worry.


How about rockets? (I just came back from a ROC launch today,

The alpha is such a nice kit to build, I built two! One I fiberglassed so I could send it up on an F21 motor, (Mach 1 baby!!!)

Discount Rocketry sells the bulk packs pretty reasonably:,-estes-&


@glindagw: only if it made farting noises when opened.


@wootvan: Ok, I think that I've got it. Thank you for reminding me that their one common interest seems to be bodily functions. My daughter likes this idea: We'll add Whoopie Cushions if we can find them at the dollar store.
@catbertthegreat: Those are very cool! If she had a summer birthday building & launching rockets could be the party.


Make & takes seem to be popular. You could get the plastic mugs that you color a piece of paper to slip inside. Then send them home with the makings for a mug of hot cocoa.