questionsaaa and aa batteries


Not over in this section but I bet if you do a search in community deals you may find something. Best of luck!


Thank you, I think I will.


At the risk of being a jerk, follow these steps:

1. Go to the main page:
2. Type BATTERIES into the search box.
The search box is shown below:

3. You'll get a bunch of results.
---a. You might find what you want.
---b. If not, refine your search.
4. Buy batteries.


@lumpthar: That's not being a jerk, that's actually pretty awesome. Good on you. Have an upvote.


Deals.woot doesn't actually sell anything. There are batteries on a subwoot every now and then, but @lumpthar gave a pretty good instruction.


@lumpthar: I am in awe of this answer! Pictures make everything so much easier!

And this reminds me, our "battery box" needs replenishing. Wish I had snapped up those batteries that were over on the Big Woot side awhile ago. I swear the kids must eat the AAs & AAAs!


@lavikinga: It's amazing what you can do with PowerPoint and a little spare time. :-)


@lumpthar: 10 thumbs up! (I'm all thumbs) :(