questionscould someone please help me find either a new…


If you don't care about the special instruments, keep an eye out for the Rock Band Value Bundle that comes with Rock Band Beatles. They're carried at Toys R Us for $99 when you can find them and come with Rock Band, instruments and Beatles from what I remember. If you can't find any in your area, there's Amazon also.

Yea buddy!


I'll second Toys R Us as a good place to check. I don't usually shop there because their every-day prices are rather high but when they put things on clearance, there are good deals to be found. I got the Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock band bundle (complete kit w/guitar, drums & mic) for $89 from them about 3 months ago.


I've got a Beatles Rock Band Special Value Bundle that I never got round to opening. It comes with the game, guitar, drums and mic though not the fancy ones the Limited edition comes with.
Let me know if you're interested.


@prosperouscheat: I might be interested :D Where do you live? And how much would you be offering this for just so I know?

Thanks a lot!



@andrew322: I'm in NC - $80 shipping included. Email me at gmail dot com if you're interested.
I understand if you want to just deal locally but if it makes a difference I have pretty good ratings with eBay and Paypal (and I also have a black triangle :)