questionssnappy comebacks -or- what i should have said was…


Seriously? You chimed in just to point that out?

EDIT: That is not a response to TT, but an answer. :)


Piece of cake. I will just use my new favorite word, Pedanticist.

From your friendly Pedanticist (

Best part about the definition? In the very first sentence, there's an error. I can't decide whether it's deliberate, or accidental, but it made me laugh either way.

"Pedanticism is a practised by people so focused on errors that they sometimes end up missing the errors of their own."



So sorry & embarrassed about the misspell, typo, use of the wrong word. My brain has short-circuited and is not communicating w/my fingers. I'll try to do better in the future. Forgive, please?

Aside to @shrdlu: LOL at myself because I thought "practised" was misspelled. Found that it's spelled both ways. The other being "practiced." (My spell-checker does not recognize practised, yet the online Sage Dictionary does.)


Is that the best you can do? Bless your heart...


Anything I can possibly use Bob for, I copy/paste. Levity oft removes the wind from frustrated would-be educators' sails.



"That's all you have to contribute? Was the actual content of my post so far beyond your level of comprehension that you can't comment on it?"

(Okay. That's actually what I mutter to myself but never really use in a reply. I play nicer on the 'net than I am in real life.)


@adadavis: I don't really see a problem with your comment. :)


My usual reply is to tahnk thme whti as many splelling and grammitical errors as they're reply warrents. Cause that how I roll. :)


the best response is to use your powers as a forum moderator to edit your original post (and any subsequent posts that quote you) to make it look like the original post has no grammatical errors and the grammar police officer was high on goofballs.

... right, @dontwantaname?

no1 no1

Irregardlessly, my point is still valid.


Less than an orthinologist, more of a word botcher.
~ humphrey lyttleton


@daveinsocal: "Irregardlessly" makes me want to throw kittens.. irl


@devexityspace: It's the grammatical equivalent of murdering a grammar policeman.


@daveinsocal: I could live with that. Literally.


I hate to defend the GP as I am horrible at speling and sometimes I don't make words good, but I do try else ud c me tel u bout stuf like this. I spell so bad I need to google some of the words I use as the spell checker says to me, what are you kidding?

no1 wants 2 read fourms full of dis.
I hope you found this helpful and please correct away!


@okham: Heh, I like that.

@no1: Uhm, I've been known to do that a time or three.


I just ran off a copy of Bob to post in my office. Thank you.

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