questionswhy is woot sending spam to its own customers?


I thought it was a kind of friendly invite to get you to join in the community postings.


I thought it was a friendly invite... the first two I got... the next 3 that I got were spam. No other way to put it.



Apologies for the semi-spammage. There was a problem with the email program and multiple users received multiple messages.

The glitch should be fixed now and emails sent out accordingly.


@thepenrod: Well, gosh, why would Woot send them to strangers?

: : : ducking quickly : : :


I got three. I was hoping that meant Woot thought I had three BOCs. I knew better, but I still hoped.


I got 3, figured woot was messin with me, or that something borked. I never thought to get mad about it, though.


@thumperchick: I wasn't mad or upset. It seemed desperate, especially after such a great event. But the official response was more than satisfactory.


Why not send an e-mail for an "Official Forum" to those who DIDN'T get a BOC so we can vent! Fair is fair!