questionsis anyone going to buy the droid 4?


Well, since no one says they are, I will say I am.

I skipped over the Droid 3 because I figured they would do the same as they did last time with the Droid 2 - ship a better phone around christmas. (Droid 2 Global in the last case.)

I'm getting it because I can't stand not having a physical keyboard. I text and drive (don't lecture me) and can do it relatively safely because I A) am a speed reader and B) don't have to look at my phone at all when I reply because I know exactly what I am pressing because of a physical keyboard.

I was waiting for 4G because although it isn't at my house yet, it will be by 2013.


I have been trying to find a decent phone with a physical keyboard to replace my droid 2. YAY! in for one.