questionsany going to wondercon this year?


Nah, I'm pretty wiped out from the Bakersfield Comic-Con. . .

And by that I mean the episode of Big Bang Theory where the guys try to go to Bakersfield Comic Con.


I think you are going to have a good time. San Diego ComicCon has gone, well, hollywood. I've never been, but all reports are that WonderCon has remained true to it's geek roots. Don't expect to see any of the stars from Twilight or The Hunger Games there. But I bet Wil Wheaton is going to make an appearance.

The guests lists tell you the tenor or the con. Who is the biggest name they have now? Jane Espenson. And if you ask "who is that?" you probably wouldn't enjoy WonderCon.

EDIT: I think this is the year that I'm going to be able to go (at least for a day or so) to DragonCon.


@curli76: that was a great episode. Sheldon was hilarious as Lt. Data!


I used to love going to it in SF. It's smaller, easier to manage, solid celebrity appearance and sneak peeks at movies.

It's a shame it's not up here again.