questionsgot any (new) money-saving tips?


stay away from woot (if you think you can...)


Life of a grad student is tough. I will be joining your ranks in the Fall.

The only way I think you can supplement your income without taking too much time away from your studies is tutoring at your university. They always need people to help in all the basics, which your undergrad degree had to cover. You can also pretty much set your own hours.

As for cutting expenses, if I may inquire into your living situation, that might frame your question better.

Also, depending on you specific situation, try to calculate whether or not a monthly bus pass (or another form of public transportation) will cut down on the expenses enough to make up for the lost time by taking public transport. Paying for parking, hunting for parking spots, costs for car maintenance, etc. should also be calculated on the other end.


I love Ramit Sethi's Blog at also can't reccomend his book more. That 7 bucks I paid for it have come back to me a hundred times over for sure.

Anymore he's all about pimping his new products so it does feel kind of scammy but his earlier stuff was great for people like me.

I suspect his new stuff is great too for the people it works for.


@curtisuxor: Sure, no problem. I rent a house currently, the rate is actually pretty good for the area. It's a two minute drive/ ten minute walk from the school, so I don't really need to worry about public transportation.

I'm fairly sure the law school is more or less completely separate from the undergrad, but tutoring's not a bad idea..

I'm not really sure what else to say about my living conditions...if you had specific questions and ideas, I'd probably be willing to divulge some further detail


@thedogma: I was inquiring about your living situation to see if you could cut costs by getting a roommate, but it sounds like you already have housemates.