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Please note that there have been several deals posted here for

If one of those deals seems familiar, you might want to check your credit card.

Let me emphasize, for those inclined to only read the snippet I posted, rather than the details, that Monoprice is doing all the right things, including having taken their web site offline.


@shrdlu: Isn't the place that we can get the cables for the sansas that we get in our bags of crap?


Similar story, but far worse, making me rethink if I want to stay at one of their hotels this summer:


@catbertthegreat: And I just stayed at one of their hotels for the first time... May have been the last, too.


@viper2544: I know, one hack, shame on the hacker, 2 or more hacks, shame on the company who was hacked.


@catbertthegreat: I say again, Monoprice is currently acting appropriately. There are a large range of evildoers, and only a small range of defenders. Remember the old security line:

I must protect against every vulnerability. A bad guy needs to find just one.


@shrdlu: I was not saying Monoprice is doing something wrong, they have announced it, contacted their customers and all others involved. They have done a stand up job.

I know people who personally stayed at affected Marriots, who did not receive one bit of notice that there were breeches in their security, let alone 3, in which information was stolen, till they read this article.


@catbertthegreat: are speaking of the hotel thing. Sorry. I've been distracted with other issues, and really should have read through what you'd said more carefully.

[Edit] I distrust so many places that I forget the enormous trust most consumers place in those people who we hand our lives, each time we use a credit card, a debit card, or write a check. I get the crazy look any time I use an ATM, and I reach up and feel where the card goes in to make sure nothing's been altered.

Trust, but veryify.


@catbertthegreat: Marriott? This article? They have their own brands;

I'm not able to find a Marriott breach past 2005. (stolen backup tapes)


@goldfndr: Check the Dataloss archives. Sorry, rushing off, or I'd post the links, but google should help.


Just read the details. Some customers have complained that there were unauthorized charges on their cards after using Monoprice. There has been no evidence other than those unverified complaints that Monoprice has been comprimised. The ordering functions on the site have been disabled pending an outside audit and investigation.


i bought something from them a week before the site was taken offline. I havent seen any fraud charges on my statements


okay.. i know this isnt really helpful and this is an adult conversation but I'm sorry I just have to comment about this.. really monoprice? MONO? shakes head I'll stop here and move away before I make someone mad.

Thanks for catching and posting this shrdulu!


As far as vendor-consumer relationships go, Monoprice has done everything perfectly. They performed immediate, full disclosure, took down the site for a forensic audit, rebuilt it from scratch. They are keeping all their customers informed. That behavior indicates responsible management, which means I will continue to be a happy Monoprice shopper.


@luno: I absolutely agree with your statements. It's always nice to see someone behave responsibly.


I purchased from monoprice on Jan 25th this year and haven't received a single email from monoprice about compromised data or any other issue. I don't see anything on my credit card statements that shouldn't be there, besides charging too much stuff myself.

I wasn't that impressed with the company after emailing them with a question and getting some answers that weren't even related to the question. After a few back and forths, I never did get the question answered.


At least they are telling the customers. My credit card info was lost when Target lost the "CD's" with their customers C.C. info on it years age.
Instead of notifying the customers they told the banks and then Bank of America stopped all of my transactions with out telling me. I found out when my car insurance called me to let me know they were canceling my policy.