questionsif i were going to get back into video gaming…


Xbox 360
Why? Here are my opinions... Game selection is better. Controllers fit better in your hand. Newest versions of the console have built-in wifi and don't suffer red-ring-of-death. Kinect is really cool for voice and gesture commands and provides a good change of pace from hardcore gaming. Good selection of apps. Faster and more reliable network performance compared to PSN. Easier to party chat with friends. Larger online community. Easily connects with your Windows-based computers on your home network for songs, videos, and pictures. Smart Glass app for phones and tablets shows amazing promise for the 2nd screen experience.
The only 2 cons I can think of...does't support bluetooth headsets and doesn't play blu-ray discs.

Keep in mind there are rumors of a new Xbox in the works, but I don't know when that will really come out and it's sure to be expensive.


Xbox 360 for multiplayer/FPS

PS3 for RPG, Action, or limited online play


I agree with both @nmchapma and @bsmith1 I have the Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3 and I would say that the Xbox is the easiest to pick up and play. The problem I have with PS3 is all of the different things that might need to be done to play games each week. You have to download and then install weekly updates (xbox has some but they are usually quicker and easier to deal with), Some disc based games may require you to install which can be very slow ( Gran Turismo requires a hdd install and a patch which takes almost an hour and a half total to complete), and for downloadable games on xbox you download and then you play were as with the PS3 you have to download it, install it, and play which can also take a very long time. ( I just downloaded Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition which is a whooping 17.9GB and it took about 10 hours to download on my 10Mbps internet and another 15-30 min to install. Don't get me wrong I like my PS3 but for pick up and play the 360 is the way to go.


In pure gaming terms, I'd agree with the sentiments that a 360 would be your choice.

A couple caveats though. If price is an issue, and you intend to play online, the 360 requires a gold membership (usually can get on sale for about $40/year). Not much but it's a cost, whereas PS3 is free to play online. And if you want a built-in blu-ray player, PS3 offers the best around.

Finally, if you have kids, it might even be worth considering the Wii. It's cheaper, and they have some excellent local multiplayer family friendly games.


Microsoft has wanted for years to have a box that serves as a center for home entertainment in the living room. After 20+ years they have come very close with the Xbox 360. In addition to the games, the box streams ESPN and lots of other content. It has Netflix and Amazon access. If you have a windows computer it can stream content from the computer (video, audio, and pictures) no sweat.

And, as far as I'm concerned, it still has a better gaming experience than the PS3 (yes, I have one). One downside: you will need a Xbox Live Gold membership. If you hang around here you can find a card for about 40 bucks or so.