questionsare you cooking for thanksgiving?


The ladies make everything from scratch. They have a no boxes or mixes rules when Thanksgiving rolls around. They try new recipes multiple time before the holiday. The men usually fry the turkey and bake the ham. Sometimes there's fried and roasted turkey, those years are my favorite. The ladies follow the same rules when it comes to dessert. They will never stop cooking thanksgiving lunch and I thank god for each of them. :-)

Once the meal is over and it's all cleaned up they prepare for shopping and we don't see them until about Saturday. They feed us well enough we don't care that they're about to spend all our money, and leave enough leftovers that we can take care of ourselves.The men go fishing and maybe hit up Lowes or Home Depot after lunch on Friday, the leftovers slowly diminish and we all go home fatter and poorer.


There were a few times in the past when we relied on Publix to do the turkey and few side dishes, while we handled the rest of the sides and the desserts.

This year we're doing NO cooking at all, since my son and DIL are hosting dinner for us. How loverly!


I'm going to watch my mom cook and I will be bringing a desert. My bacon-pecan pie was a big hit last year but I'm going to do something lighter this year, not sure what yet but it's fun looking!


I'm cooking. Well, in many ways I've already cooked! We love turkey and dressing and have it several times each year. When I make dressing I cook enough for an army so I don't have to make it next time. I just searched through my freezer and found that I should have plenty of dressing and giblet gravy already made and just waiting to be reheated. As for the turkey, my family has a preference for smoked turkeys, and stock up the freezer with at least three when our favorite local place has them available. I just pulled the last of our smoked turkeys out of the freezer to thaw. It only takes about an hour to heat up.

All of this time-saving leaves me free to focus on side dishes and dessert. Still planning those, although we are all on diets so it's gonna be tough!


Yes I am, always have.

The wife and (now grown) kids are willing to help eat it, not so much help in the kitchen though.

Still; good food, friends, and family. What more do you need?


I contribute crackers and cheese and such.
My sister is a very good cook and gets very happy in the kitchen trying new recipes, doing her best Martha S. impression.
We all appreciate it.


@belyndag: mmmm dressing and giblet gravy. I can't say I see many others that still have giblet gravy. glad to see someone knows what good food is.


@nmchapma: LOL! I also make a giblet-less version for those who don't appreciate good food.

During our first Thanksgiving DH made it clear that he hated cornbread dressing because he refused to eat, well, giblets. Turns out my MIL cooks her dressing with the giblets in it so those who don't like giblets just have to avoid the dressing altogether. Silly people. It probably doesn't help that MIL is a dreadful cook. Her dressing is basically a soggy mess of bread crumbs. Urgh. Once I convinced him to try my cornbread dressing he became a fan, ergo the mass quantities of dressing in my freezer. I tend to cook enough for an army.