questionsis it even worth doing black friday anymore?


They reached their zenith for me last year when many shops decided to do the midnight opening thing. I too once enjoyed showing up a couple hours early to nab some good deals here and there. But two years in a row of being shoved, pushed, and generally treated like dirt is not my idea of a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

I may be spending a few more dollars to get what I plan on buying people, but I won't be spending money on myself to shake off the bad experience I had trying to save a few bucks either.


Me, too, also.
The hours and gas and frustration to maybe save a couple bucks ...
Between woot and amazon, I'm winning.

And yeah, a woman I know found out this week she needs to work- at Target, on Thanksgiving day- for a full shift, starting at 9pm, for early Black Friday. But it's OK! We'll make sure to cut some of your other hours to make sure you don't get overtime! YA f'n AY!
I can avoid that whole area that whole week, and the week after.


I'm just staying home and shopping online. However, I can see making it a family event and going shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

We have all gone to see a movie opening on T-Day. But I prefer to spend the holiday celebrating with friends, family, and, of course, watching football!


Actually, for the first time, I'm gonna go out and try this whole Black Friday thing. I expect it will be a terrible experience :D


@gidgaf: At least that woman you know that works at Target has a job.

As for me, my job performance has been stellar all year but I was recently given a project at the last moment with a deadline that's impossible to reach. My annual appraisal will probably only include this project because it's the most recent thing on management's mind. They forget about the rest of the year so I might be out of a job soon.

Not knowing my future job situation (which is like this all the time in the private sector), I tend to hoard all my money and not make unnecessary purchases during this season. Some of the deals are awesome but unless I really need the product, I will pass on the deal.


Generally, I'm out. Online saves me enough money to offset the time wasted waiting for a few extra bucks.


as someone who works as a retail cashier, who has worked nearly every black friday since '99....
I WISH ALL YOU PEOPLE WOULD JUST STAY HOME IN BED!!!!!!, so that i could do the same.

and really, the deals haven't been all that great the last few years....
last thing i was able to get on a BF sale was a seagate external 1TB HD, that had the click of death from the second it was powered up....


I ended up finding better deals both before and after b-friday. So this year I may head to TRU for some video games but I'm not even sure about that. The deals just aren't there for me anymore.


There are so many online specials, I think Thanksgiving night and Black Friday will be spent on the computer and putting up christmas decorations.


I was never a big Black Friday person to begin with, so of course the more it becomes about spending dollars and less about family time I have even less interest.

Plus I'm also a BIG BIG proponent of keeping business local. And local businesses will rarely get sucked up into the Black Friday Mania.

Sleep in, enjoy Thanksgiving Day with your family and go out Friday to a locally-owned store and buy some locally-made stuff for your family. Do everyone a solid and give everyone a reason to be thankful this season! (Okay, getting off my high horse now :P )


My son and I go out for the experience. He is well over 6' and just seems to be able to get the items that I am looking for without any hassles and no shoving and pushing. We grab a bite to eat, hit the stores, talk, meet new people, and just relax and enjoy ourselves.


I'd say no. Everything can be gotten online, and people get too damn crazy around this time for it to be worth going into a store.

Which kind of sucks, because I'm going to my parents for the holidays and will have errands to run but will probably just have to skip over all of it because of the madness.


@abramokids: If you expect it to be terrible, you will probably find it to be so. I usually find it to be fun, the only downside for me is that I am a poor sleeper and disrupting my sleep schedule during the holidays takes a real toll on me. But it's fun, and last year for the first time I took someone with me-- I have always gone it alone in the past. It slowed me down some and I didn't get as much done (she is physically disabled), but it made the stuff I did get done more fun. I'll have to see if she is up for it again this year. I actually haven't taken the time to comb through BF ads and see if there's anything I want. I already have most of my gifts socked away, so it would have to be something I really want to make it worth getting up so early. But I usually at least want shoes and new mittens.


I'm out. It's just not as fun any more. I always loved going on "the hunt" for the perfect whatever, even if that meant being up to shop at 4a.m., but having 8p.m. openings the night before just sucks the joy out of it. All "those" people who only bargain shop 1 day a year have ruined it for those of us who are more hard-core deal-hunters. And if you shop on Cyber Monday the packages get delivered to your house :)


Count me out, too. It used to be fun, especially when I went with my shopping-wise sister. If there is something I really NEED pre-advertised at a great price I will drag myself out of bed to get it, but that is rare. We bought a couple of HP Laptops for the kiddos two years ago on Black Friday, but that was the last time we attempted the battle. Nothing I have seen in the ads so far are worth the effort to me. If you are doing the Black Friday thing, have fun and be safe!

From the other side of Black Friday, my son works at Game Stop and will, of course, have to work that day. He doesn't yet have his schedule for the day, so we can't commit to visiting my elderly mother for Thanksgiving several hours away. We battle this every year. His stress level goes through the roof around the holidays!


Agree with most that online is the way to go for deals next week. I personally consider it cruel to make people step away from their holiday early to go work their $8/hr job at Target because people want to save a few bucks. Deals are great, spending your holiday working is not. I personally will NOT shop on Thanksgiving Day. As someone who had to show up to work at a crappy low wage job on several holidays, there is nothing more depressing than watching other people have fun on their holiday while you are miserable at work. Not to mention disappointing your family. It's one thing to ask doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, etc. to work on a holiday, but there is really no good reason anyone NEEDS to go shopping that day for $2 off socks. I feel the same way about holiday movie openings. Keep the sales to Friday and we can talk.


@gidgaf: I have a sister who works at Target and they will only get holiday pay up until midnight, after that it is back to the regular pay. You are spot on, they juggle the hours just to make sure they fall short of full time.


@cengland0: You still have a job too, you just think you might lose yours. I am guessing that your job is full time so therefore you are in a better position than someone that is prohibited from getting full time hours. We need to lose the idea that just because someone somewhere might have it worse, there is no reason to complain. If you are getting screwed, you are getting screwed. Once we realize that, we can demand better.


I refuse to be treated like cattle just to save a few bucks. I can log on to internet sites and have my item shipped to my door for free with no sales tax. Looking forward to doing Black Friday / Cyber Monday again with my wife from the comfort of our home.


I'm glad the stores are extending their sales to not be 5 hours on one day or until sold out (which is usually about 15 minutes). What they've been doing for the last ten years is ridiculously dangerous. Instead of 5 hours, "Black Friday" sales are more of 5 days this year, between the sales that start on Thanksgiving Day and end on Cyber Monday. When "Black Friday" started, I was there every year (usually at Wal-Mart), I swore it off in 2006 and now I only do the online shopping sales, but maybe I'd be willing to go back into the store this year since there are more sales and they are spread out over the whole weekend.

I stopped doing "Black Friday" because of rude, cutthroat shoppers. I'd be in line at 4:30 in the cold every year, and people would show up at 5:55 and form 12 new lines, trying to beat the people that had been waiting. When you made it in, it was madness with wall to wall people, pushing and shoving to make it to the big sales. It was miserable.


There's a petition against the Target thanksgiving hours if anyone is interested

6 or 7 am on Friday is early enough to start the sales.


The real deals are on kitchen/laundry appliances, so if you want to upgrade your home or kit out that investment property you bought, now's the time to do it. The housing market is slowly coming back and with that, home repair/remodeling prices are returning, too.


@wisenekt: I get screwed because I'm not really considered a "Full Time Employee" because I'm salary based. That means I'm given goals and I have to accomplish them no matter what. So that means I work weekends and 11 hour days to get the work done and still cannot meet the goals. I sometimes feel they are setting me up to fail purposely.

I do not get paid any extra for working holidays, weekends, more than 40 hours, etc. My pay is the same regardless of how many extra hours I have to work. This way, the company can abuse me as much as they want without having to pay extra for it.


@cengland0: I have been there. I feel your pain. That is the reason I came back to my current job. I am an hourly engineer. I get paid extra for the same abuse.

Back to the topic, I am going to try hard to avoid the Black Friday sales. I usually like to hit the stores (Target, Best Buy, Toys'R'Us, and the Mall) about 10am-2pm to see what's left and laugh at the chaos.


@lumpthar: I take your approach to BF. There are things that I would like to have, but don't need. I wait until the rush is over and if any of my picks are left I may/may not get them. Sometimes I get "buyer's remorse" in advance....wait....isn't that called "logical thinking"? Anyway, as for the OP it's online here. No crowds, no waiting in line and decent enough prices to keep my warm a$$ planted here. For those of you who partake, please be careful. :)