questionswould you buy a boc subscription?


I've been thinking about this one and I might do it if that was the only way to get one, but if there was a choice - #1 subscribe or #2 get one the traditional way, I would choose the traditional way. There's something fun about it whether I actually get one or not. What would make it better if there was a choice, is that if someone subscribed, then they would not be able to get them the traditional way, and maybe that way more people would have a chance to get one.

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Umm, no. I gave the stained blue t-shirt to the dog as a toy (after washing), and everything else in my BOCrap is still in the box, waiting for the day I have a use for two bars of lavender soap and the rest of the broken detritus.

Would I snag another bag (DURING A WOOTOFF) if I could? Yes. Subscribe to the promise of this junk on a regular basis? fno.


Totally agree with @xochiluvr on this one. It's the thrill of the hunt, not the capture.


Only way i would do it is if it's from Woot or Tanga. So don't like other BoCs though there are a few I haven't tried like GearsXS or a few other people who use to post here. I miss me some Tanga Trash with board games! Speaking of that woot sell me one of those darn tetris games i missed pwwwwease! I know you have some in back stock!


A subscription would take at least half the fun out of it. It would also deprive people of a fair shot. So nah, I'll keep on F5in and enjoying the thrill of the chase.


Maybe not a subscription, but how about modifying it a little? Why not a side lottery which functioned like a second chance? Once the majority of the BoCs are gone, let wooters enter a second chance lottery with entries based on the triangle level? That way you reward participation while still giving everyone a shot at a BoC even if they can't get one due to server load?


Thatdailydeal's mystery bags aren't bad. Some crapp vhs tapes and misc junk, but you're guaranteed a decent duffel or backpack, and usually at least one led flashlight. The BBQ tool (called the HOOKER, yes) I got in the last one is actually great for grilling steaks and dogs, so long as you don't poke your eyes out or a hole in your shirt.


Like the idea that every single purchase during a WO would come with a chance at an included free BOCrap. Buy an monkey, and it may come with it's bag of poo to fling.


So when I read this question, I instantly translated it as: "Would you pay someone to send you their garbage?" Which immediately made me wonder if some new reverse waste-management scheme was incoming, "Send us your broken bottles and chewed doggy toys, and we will pay you $8 a month.)

Which then led to me remembering a Monk episode where the garbage companies went on strike, and Monk started UPS'ing his trash to his doctors house, which upset the guys wife.

But no, no I would not pay Woot to send me junk. For all I know, with his new Woot, I would have to Like them on Facebook or some other site flavor of the week, just to even get the option to pay them to send me broken things and shirts with 3 sleeves (one in back so when you are stabbed, they get a warm sleeve to rest their knife hand in).


@geredeth: Wicked funny! :-D

To answer OP's question. No way.


Maybe for $96 but $100 is just too much.


@xochiluvr: This is how it should be... Much like thingfling.. Every purchase has a chance to be upgraded to a mystery box free of change :|


@geredeth: +1 for the Monk reference alone!

And to answer the original question, no I wouldn't pay to receive a random BOC each month. My house is already overflowing with carp and I am sorting through it to donate to a charity garage sale. No mas! No mas!

I do like the idea of Woot including some random items with WootOff purchases. Lately I've received at least one small item in nearly every other online purchase I've made. Even if it's just a free sample of an energy drink, it makes me feel as though I scored something. Pretty good marketing!


I am in the chase is half the fun camp. If a subcription plan was offered, I would consider it but it would not be an automatic buy. Most likely I would listen to the feedback for a few months and then decide if it sounded like fun. I am here for deals, suggestions/advice, and most of all fun.

It might be interesting to offer a better chance to members who have made a purchase either during the woot-off or in the last x number of days. Or perhaps a random arrival without notice along the lines of the coupons offered here for hitting a secret milestone in your woot universe. One competing site adds extra items to a regular order as a surprise for the buyer. Just some random thoughts.


No. That would take the fun out of getting one.


I understand all of the above points but I would probably get the subscription. It is the only way I’ll ever get a Bag of Crap. Not that I really need one.

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Since mystery box deals are not allowed I'll won't post one I just found that is a subscription service for geeks. But here are some reviews/unboxings I found on YouTube.



at 28:30

Use coupon code: LockerGnome for 10% off.

I ordered one if you want to wait and see mine. Probably a waste but eh I'm a sucker and besides I sold some old stuff so have some extra cash this month.