questionswhat is another site i can waste a lot of time on…


Thank you all, I assure you facebook has already been exhausted but many of the others are new to me.


Facebook is pretty much a waste of time.


also i recently discovered online gaming. some of the people in the deals.woot chatroom play Team Fortress 2, among others. they're free to play but take a few hours to download


Look at You can spend TONS of time there. Visit all the different forums. If you feel like chatting, go to The Podium. I use the "simple view" on the front page deals. When you click on a deal, click on the comments to open up the thread. I spend way too much time there. BUT I got Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for $9.95 plus tax the other night! Best score of 2012!


I love this site! The things they post really are very cool. Once you check out today, you can start going back through the daily archives!

I also really like
Not so politically correct, but some of their stuff is hilarious!


Thanks for all the suggestions, I have 3 more weeks.

vote-for7vote-against - funny pics + vids - oh... youl see - funny postcards club BING, yea like microsoft search engine, you can play games, and over time earn enough points for real prizes, its legit , takes a while to build points, but no surveys or "completing offers" or ads or anything, just word games that use the bing search engine. - fake humorous news - find some cool DIY projects