questionswhat's your favorite fall flavor or scent?


Anything pumpkin, I can't get enough of it!


Gotta agree with @iggz, though I'm going to further state that I love the smell of a good bonfire or someone burning leaves (but not everyone burning, then you can't see to drive through my neighborhood). I also enjoy the pumpkin and apple smells too.


Although I don't eat them anymore, I love the smell of fresh apple cider donuts.


Apple with that cinnamon spice smell. Yum!


Chili simmering on the fire.


Baking smells. And a fire pit/bonfire. I've always loved the warm/chill contrasts you get with Fall.


I agree with all the burning leaves answers, but it's getting tougher to find; I guess it adds to the thrill to suddenly realize you're driving through an unincorporated township where people can burn their leaves.

Also, yes, baking: honey cake, gingerbread, molasses cookies; all the stronger flavors and heavier recipes that seem too rich over the summer now make sense.

Weird answer: diesel exhaust! Diesel exhaust and cigarette smoke in the late fall when it's cold but the air is still moist smells like big cities and traveling and the holidays. Also cancer.


Nutmeg, pumpkin, apple and outside cooking


Fire in the fireplace and apple cider. Apple pie is up there too but I haven't had that smell as natural lately. Perhaps this fall.