questionshas anyone else noticed the deals stopped?


It may have something to do with the acquisition by Rakuten which finally went live. Affiliate commission rates for dropped significantly recently as well, so there is little to no benefit for auto posting deals from them.


Why yes, I did notice. Breathed a sigh of relief. Now, I wish they would RIP the 1,000's of Old-not-really-deals-when-they-were-listed. An aside: I do like @wootbot's new found love - moofi.

Perhaps someone could tattle on those old deals. ...OTOH, they might meet the same fate as @moosezilla if they did. :-/


Rakuten has recently stopped using the name. You'll note in the article that the Japanese company bought in 2010.

I bought things fairly regularly from, but shortly after the acquisition I stopped finding bargains and ceased shopping at the site.

Probably should enjoy the lull while you can, because I bet Rakuten "deals" will start showing up with increasing frequency.


I second gionot's statement.

I can't remember the last time I purchased from But, in my opinion,
Rakuten screwed themselves by making that name change instead of keeping
an easily recognizable, and easily shared internet name.

And can't recall how many times I have told friends and co-workers, I got it from
Easy for them to remember for when they got home to look for the deal.

I can't even pronounce the new name, and won't even think about trying to explain it to someone who doesn't already know what site it is.


@darkinc: That was posted in November...


@thedogma: how the hell.. that was on my top fresh list today o_O

100% my bad.. i swear that was on the top of my page lol