questionswhich credit card should i get for the best…


If you spend $72,000 a year, why do you care about an annual fee?
Check this out, on how to get rib of your annual fee:


I'd say if you're looking for rewards, it's most important to analyze your opportunities. If you fly a lot, one that offers the best miles. If you don't fly, it would be a waste of rewards if your miles expire. For me, cash is king. Any card that offers cash back. That never expires and can be used to buy whatever reward you want, although you're usually limited to how much you can earn in a year and that would limit your potential to cash in on the full $72K.


Yeah, there are lots of sites that'll help your research, but the big question is what you're spending that $72k on in the first place. For example, if it's travel, then consider something like a card with 2% or 3% cash back on travel-related expenses. (I travel a lot myself but the last reward I want is airline miles.)

And if you're a Costco member and you spend a lot there, then definitely get their Executive membership and the Amex Costco card. The 2% rebate you get will offset the membership cost, or reduce it to less than the standard membership would be in most cases, and the cash rewards (3% on gas, 2% on restaurant and travel, 1% everywhere else) are about as good as you'll find anywhere.

Don't get taken in by ads that promise 5% for certain categories each quarter, as theyre usually limited to just $1500 worth of purchases in that category. If any deals sounds gimmcky, it is.


@elforman: Andd with the Costco Amex you get a Costco rebate plus an AmEx rebate. I use one bonus to pay for the membership plus the annual fee, the other is for my wish list.


I agree with @falcondeal: I wish we HAD 72K a year to spend.


Depends upon what you want. I use an Amex Delta card (free for one year) cause I have to fly them a great deal. I would recommend the Amazon card if you purchase there, and if you like them. I'm not a big fan of the Costco Amex, as it is 1% most places (not even more at Costco, go figure).