questionsanybody else get a spam private message?


I did not but would have reported it like you did


The PM system in woot is the worst form of communicating I've ever seen. Smoke signals work better. So I'm actually surprised a spammer would think it was worth their time. I wonder if a bot could be written to do it (not that that would be worth the effort either).


I have received a few of those here, in fact got one ust a few days ago. I tattled on it. I agree with @thepenrod that it is a complicated system and surprised anyone would waste their time.


Yes, I got 2.

We are aware of this. The poster has been banned. Developers are researching how to delete the PMs.

Sorry for the problem. If you ever see this again, just tattle on the retail site.


I also got 2. hadn't seen them until this question prompted me to go look. Glad it's being handled :-)


i feel left out. i didn't get any.


@pemberducky: I'm still waiting on a response to verify he's transferring funds to me.


@pemberducky: Me, neither. Even the spammers don't want me. /sniff


I really must speak to the National Banq of Benin about not using a .pk pakistani email address. It's just embarassing. All the big national banks use gmail these days.


yep. tattled + deleted. inbox empty again ; )