questionsdo you feel the need to be "available" in the…


No I don't. Nor do I take calls when in the bathroom period. NO ONE is that important for me to talk too.


No. I only feel the need to make myself available during working hours, and leading up to a group activity, such as the couple of hours before meeting friends for a movie, or the morning before hosting a party at my house. Otherwise I only answer the phone if I feel like talking to someone. If I don't, then I'll return their call when I do. I don't text, I don't have my voicemail enabled. Most weeks I make only 2-3 private phone calls, usually to invite one or two people to a social gathering that I didn't get a chance to invite in person. At work I might get two phone calls a week, but there are plenty of weeks like this one when I get none. I prefer to communicate with people FTF, failing that via email. I tell the agencies whose grants I manage that they can call me and get an answer, or email me and get the right answer. It always gets a laugh, but they respect that I would rather do business via email or personal meeting. Yes, I'm a curmudgeon.


When i did Spill responce i would take my phone every where. It was a casio waterproof phone. Also i would bring music in the shower to listen too. I know a lot of peole who buy shower radios so i don't find it weird


@philosopherott: I have this complicated steam shower unit with three different modes (shower head, overhead or the fold down seat with jet spray at your back). It has two different kinds of interior lighting, a built in radio and bluetooth phone connector but I don't use any of that, just the regular shower head (and steam when I am congested). It's sad to have all those features and not use them, but I got it at a Home and Garden Show for $300 (they run $3,000 or so) because this unit with all these features and glass walls was about half the price of a plain old plastic shower stall and came with free installation. It was a heckuva deal. Kind of like this one but with water jets at your back by the seat. My friends call it the transporter room.


@moondrake: That is an awesome transporter!

@philosopherott: I don't find music in the shower weird. Sing all you want -- the acoustics are great. I actually bought one of these for that reason -- it appears to be a good deal.

But phone calls in the shower? I'll pass. If I want company in the shower, it won't be over the phone!


@moondrake: OMG! I saw that (or something very similar) a few years ago on an HGTV special when they visited a trade show for forthcoming kitchen and bathroom stuff. I was in awe.


I seldom make myself available to anyone for anything. Perhaps six people in the world know my cell phone number, and the only time the phone is turned on is when I'm away from home in case The Spouse needs me. We're pretty insular, and the few friends I have tend to email rather than phone. I used to do my best event planning and speech writing in the shower, but these days I do my best drifting in a cloud of peace and quiet there instead. I occasionally think it would be nice to have a shower-safe radio so I could listen to NPR, but that thought generally lasts no more than six seconds.

I'm with Wordsworth: the world is too much with us.


It depends on what kind of work one does, or whether there is an emergency going on amongst loved ones. Or if you are about to go on a date and are worried you'll miss a call about changing plans. Otherwise, nah. A shower is a sanctuary.