questionsdoes anyone really enjoy their office christmas…


Our's is semi-formal this year, instead of the formal (tuxes) that we usually have. I think it's a lot of fun because the people I work with are awesome and the first people to get lit up are executives. We're a work-hard-play-hard company though.


That's a great attitude to have in this Politically Correct world we live in.


No it is flat out painful at times. Employees traditionally are held hostage till an hour or so after the start because that is when they finally hand out the holiday bonus. People stay in their typical office "click" with little to no intermingling while you get to eat cold pizza and left over food from the "tenant party" held for people who rent properties from our business. At some point in the middle one of the retired owners comes in and complains that the left over beer and wine from the tenant party is still out (usually 1 - 2 days later) and the employees don't deserve it. As soon as checks are handed out the room clears out. Good times can't wait for next week......


Very much! I love my job and the people I work with. Last year's was fun and I'm looking forward to tonight's follow up. :)

Free food, open bar, awesome giveaways (ipads, dvd players, apple TVs), people acting goofy, lots of fake gambling. What's not to like!


No party for us, instead, our company gives us a turkey. Hmm, are they trying to tell us something?


I was ok with the leftover food. I was ok with the cheap beer. I was even ok with the pirates. Once the raping and pillaging began I decided it was time to go home.