questionshow do we know if a link is affiliated with…


It's possible your link just had extra code in it if you picked it up from an email; some folks will get up in arms about anything that doesn't look like a normal link. Deals.woot endeavors to strip out any affiliate links posted with deals. Generally, the easiest way to get rid of any extraneous linkage is click directly on the product on the web page, then post it.


Can't say for sure without seeing the original posting, but if you got to the page via another WOOT deal (as you mentioned) it was probably WOOT's own affiliate information in the address. (They DO need to make money ya know. ;-) ) I've had the same thing happen after finding a deal on a different site and had to make sure to strip the extra info out of the URL before posting.

I wouldn't worry about it too much... certain people intentionally post affiliate coupons frequently, sometimes they get removed and sometimes they don't. The link looks fine now. :-)


Yeah...I don't see how yours could have been confused. I just checked the link you provided (hover over the name or the "I want one" button and you'll see it) and it's pretty clearly a generic Home Depot link. Maybe people saw the number at the end of ProductID but neglected to read that it was a product and not an account number?

EDIT: maybe not. Looking to the comments, it looks like the links been fixed/ altered.


Either way and not to the point. I don't see why people get so worked up over affiliate links. Oh no one of our fellow deal.woot posters might make a dime!! god forbid they make .10 and we don't! Only thing it might cause is the posting of more and better deals. I so wouldn't vote down a deal for unless its a bad deal. If you have a problem with a deal tattle on it.

But as for your links I don't see anything wrong with them the id shown looks just like the item ID. Unless the mod has already gotten a hold of them both.


thanks for the replies, folks. Yes, the mods took care of the link. Looks like I learned something new today. Cheers


Like @okham said: Woot makes a pretty strong effort to chop referral/affiliate links from the URL and [most times] replace it with their own..
(For the most part their pretty easy to identify, but you still have to appreciate Woot's progammers)

And like @dravack said, if somebody posted a Groupon or something like that I would hope you'd use their link.. People that ONLY post deals for profit is different, but I mean if a regular Wooter throws in a Groupon link or something like that every once and awhile people should be happy to use it - especially since it doesn't impact them or their purchase at all.