questionsdid kids say "trick or treat" when they came to…


With the amount of free handouts people get everywhere else for doing nothing; I'm just happy the kids even dressed up to get free candy. But the majority of them said "Trick, or Treat."


I heard lots of parents reminding their kids last night to say "Trick or Treat". So at least in my area, the parents seemed to be trying.


On the other hand, if you refuse you might still get the trick even without a warning.


Nearly all of the kids who came to my house said both "Trick or treat" AND "thank you," so it was a good night for me.


there was one kid (accompanied by what looked like four grandparents) too scared to say anything, even with a lot of prompting. i wonder if it was her first time.

when i was growing up the kids would say "trick or treat" and after getting candy we'd say "happy halloween!" there was one kid last night that said "happy hallo- oops, i mean trick or treat!"

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More often than not, no. I got more the, hands out holding the bag. I'm one who lets the kids pick the candy, that way the $20 I spent on candy will actually get consumed instead of thrown away.

I got very few thank you's


They said it if they wanted candy from me! (I did have a to remind a few of them, but it was mostly the tiny kids who were barely understandable when they did say it. Cute!)


Couldn't tell you. I turned the porch light off, so nobody came to my door. I get no amusement or enjoyment of having to answer the door all night to give away free candy. Get a job, filthy beggars!

Edit: Why all the formalities of having to say the magic words? I remember one lady in town who would make the kids tell a joke before she gave candy. Most kids would just turn around and go to the next house. Years later, everyone skipped her house.


@bsmith1: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch. :)


When I was at a house that had kids come to the door, if they were over about 7 or 8, I would just stare at them. They'd look at me for a bit. Then I'd say "Don't you have something to say?" Then they'd scream it. It's fun.


@bsmith1: I like the "telling a joke" approach. Thanks, I may use that. :)


With the exception of the super shy kids, everyone said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" - and their parents were reminding them as well.


Most kids said Trick or Treat and Thank You, that is if they werent too put off by my costume at first. My problem was the teenagers who didnt even dress up. Jerks.


I was only home to answer the door once, and those kids said Trick or Treat. I walked my youngest around with a group of friends and they said ToT, too. My older two were with friends, and they know they are on the upper end of being able to ToT anyhow, so they've been drilled to say ToT.

I had a lovely time with adults in Salem after my kids went with my ex. ToT for drinks would've been nice, though!

edited to say that my kids and the kids I was around all said thank you, too. We are in an area with a ton of kids and parents, and they were all really polite.


The tell a joke for a treat thing is done in Iowa. (I work with someone from Iowa who said she got stares the first Halloween she was in Ohio since she was waiting for the costumed kids to perform and everyone gave her blank stares.)

When she told me of the tradition in Iowa all I could think of was that wherever she lived in Iowa musn't get a whole lot of trick or treaters. If everyone had to perform for their treat at my house growing up in Ohio, the line would've been a block long since we'd get 700-800 trick or treaters in a 3 hour period.

Most kids that came by this year did say trick or treat or I prompted them a little to say it. Most said thank you. I love the ones around age 3 whose eyes light up and smile really big when the see that they can walk up to your door and you give them candy.


I was pleasantly surprised that they said it this year. And a lot of thank yous too. Lately it's been rare that kids say anything when they knock and this year, I think someone in every group did.

I think there were also fewer kids, but maybe because it was Wednesday.