questionsdo you still wear a fanny pack?


I've never worn one, and I never will.


Yes. I keep the lunch my mom packed for me in there.


Only when I am attempting to turn my wife off....


I never did, because they look...well, *(potentially offensive term not inserted here).


Funny, I was thinking today about getting one. I don't currently, but I think for hikes, or certain times, maybe it could come in handy.


Unless you are an off duty cop, you just look like someone who can't let go of the 80's.


A similar question was asked a few weeks ago:
And yes, I do wear one. I actually have several and each one has a holster in it.


I do. I'm a mom and I just don't have enough arms and hands to carry a purse and wrangle small kids. Many times it is just over the shoulder, but easily gets buckled on when kids start requiring my intervention.


Not typically, but I wouldn't be above wearing one to an amusement park or something like that, where you need access to things (like a camera, etc) but don't want to have to carry them all day.

Frankly I think those dopey nylon drawstring backpacks that people wear look a lot worse than a fanny pack. But then I'm a child of the 80's...


Only when I am having a yard sale, or a similar thing. They are hideous, but great for keeping your cash handy.


@mellielou: Ditto! When you have kids, it's all about the function.

I prefer the term 'waist pack', since I don't wear the pack part on my fanny. And it is quite functional at the zoo and the amusement park, etc, when I need to carry a camera, phone, money, and a snack. And don't want to mess with carrying a purse.

I think most of the negative stigma falls on men wearing them.


Nope, not even when kid wrangling. A small backpack has more space, and can easily be shifted to wear on your front for easy access. Wearing a fanny pack on one hip means a hip less for balancing children, and their relatively small size would not meet my cost:benefit ratio numbers for dealing with something I personally find rather uncomfortable around my waist.

I'm enjoying going purse-free or only carrying a small wrist bag until our new little one arrives. Then we'll be straight on to the heavy duty bags that clip on strollers, and the more "manly" black backpack diaper bag for my husband.


All the time...don't like to carry a purse and a fanny pack is harder for a purse snatcher to grab. Plus I can't just walk off with out it...


I always have to laugh when people mention fanny packs...
I should hope you don't wear it on your fanny...that would make walking...interesting...

I should explain...
in case y'all didn't know, this is one of those fun areas where American and British English use different words for the same thing, or have different meanings for the same words...
over in the UK, the bag worn around the waist is called a "bum bag" (bum=butt),
while "fanny" is a slang term for Vagina.