questionsdo you have any scuba diving recommendations for…


My wife and I finished our certification on our honeymoon in St. Thomas. Though we are both divers we went witha mixed group. The St. Thomas Diving Club woiuld be great for the two of you assuming your wife likes to be on a boat. She could sit in the sun on the boat or swim or snorkel. Since the group is diverse they hit some great diving spots, some calmer swimming spots, and a few snorkel spots where she could see sea turtles and shallow reefs. They also have lunch.

If she didn't want to go out on the boat the club is right beside a bar/restaurant that is actually on a sandy beach (50ft from the surf) where she could relax and have a drink or two.

Hope it helps. Have fun!


Cruises are a good bet! My last several dives have been excursions, while my family can do whatever they want! Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Thomas, St Maarten, & Nassau! You can also dive in the shark tank at the Living Seas at Epcot if you go to Disney! THAT was on my bucket list, and now I've done it 8 times!


I've heard that Cozumel has great snorkeling for non divers and the Palancar reef for those who scuba. I'd try to talk your wife into getting her PADI certification, though!


@daughterjudy: I've dove off a cruse that stopped at Cozumel several years ago (discover scuba). Unfortunately, that's off limits for me now since its a malaria area. (To balance my karma, I donate platelets every two weeks or so - going to Mexico now would defer me for a year.) Cancun is as well (there's nice diving in Playa del Carmen).

And convincing her to try scuba isn't in the cards. She's just not interested.


@tcayer: Similar to the Disney Shark Tank, you can dive in the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I dove there soon after I was certified; it's a nice low stress fun dive. Including one small, blind shark that bumps into the divers. And the Moray eels Oscar and Felix.


A very sincere suggestion:

Either your wife (on her own hook, and her own idea) decides this is something that you want to do, or you give up diving on vacation, or take separate ones. Diving locations (pretty much by design) don't have much else going on. Unless she really loves sitting on a beach doing nothing all day she will be bored to tears. T&C is a great example of that.

Taking her on vacation where there isn't much to do is kind of unfair. And rather expensive, too. A waste to go to diving locations and not dive. And, for the love of God, don't push her into it. If she doesn't want to learn, don't coerce her. Those situations have a tendency to end very badly. Trust me.


@wilfbrim: I sort of do that - vacation this summer was four days in Bermuda. I dove one morning and touristed with her the rest of the time. She's content with sitting by the beach reading while I do that.

And no, I wouldn't ever push her into something she doesn't want to do. Even if I thought I could be successful it would end badly.

My concern is exactly what you bring up: the really good dive sites are pretty much dive sites and not much else. I can't see wasting the money, either. If we're not both happy with the trip it won't end well.