questionsdoes anyone else think that woot should accept…


I think Woot should leave the Amazon fold...but that's just my opinion.


I think that Amazon still contends that woot is a separate entity. One that makes it's own decisions. Nice try, 'Zon.

Sure, gift cards would be nice. So would the Free shipping on 'eligible' $25 purchases. And, of course, the option of buying into Prime.

IMO, not going to happen. Not unless/until woot grows up and becomes a true storefront. Sans all the absurd tabs of falsely different groups of items. And, a search function is sorely needed.


What I think matters not a hill of beans.


My last Woot order was in March. I think that's the last time I spent any time on this kind of wishful thinking.

I also remember wishing that Amazon Prime shipping would apply. And while I'm spinning my wheels, world peace and a cure for cancer would be lovely, please, thanks.


Woot should accept Amazon money but the prices on Amazon are not all that different from woot.


@mtm2: Of course. Yet, it'll never happen. Remember @snapster? He sold woot to Amazon. No do-overs there. It's a done deal.

@morriea: Truer words never spoken.


Lets vote on it !!! Awwwww wait. nevermind.


Never gonna happen, but if woot gave me free shipping for prime, I'd buy roughly 478,962.381% more stuff from them.


I would actually buy items on Woot again if they accepted Amazon gift cards... I get Fuel Perks for Amazon Gift cards at my Giant Eagle (Haven't paid for gasoline since 2010)