questionsdoes anyone else think that woot should accept…


Woot should accept Amazon money but the prices on Amazon are not all that different from woot.


I think that Amazon still contends that woot is a separate entity. One that makes it's own decisions. Nice try, 'Zon.

Sure, gift cards would be nice. So would the Free shipping on 'eligible' $25 purchases. And, of course, the option of buying into Prime.

IMO, not going to happen. Not unless/until woot grows up and becomes a true storefront. Sans all the absurd tabs of falsely different groups of items. And, a search function is sorely needed.


I think Woot should leave the Amazon fold...but that's just my opinion.


What I think matters not a hill of beans.


@mtm2: Of course. Yet, it'll never happen. Remember @snapster? He sold woot to Amazon. No do-overs there. It's a done deal.

@morriea: Truer words never spoken.


My last Woot order was in March. I think that's the last time I spent any time on this kind of wishful thinking.

I also remember wishing that Amazon Prime shipping would apply. And while I'm spinning my wheels, world peace and a cure for cancer would be lovely, please, thanks.


Lets vote on it !!! Awwwww wait. nevermind.


Never gonna happen, but if woot gave me free shipping for prime, I'd buy roughly 478,962.381% more stuff from them.


I would actually buy items on Woot again if they accepted Amazon gift cards... I get Fuel Perks for Amazon Gift cards at my Giant Eagle (Haven't paid for gasoline since 2010)