questionsanyone else hate the end of daylight savings time?


The end of baseball and the end of Daylight Savings truly announces the end of summer. Makes me sad :-(


Hate it. It's pitch dark before 6pm right now. Can't wait until we actually hit winter.


@zuiquan: Ah, you must be in the northern latitudes. So I shouldn't mention that it's 74 here today? My friend is coming over today to drain and wrap up my swamp cooler and turn on my heater. If the weather holds I might not need it for a few more weeks but we should get some cold nights by Thanksgiving.


Hate it. And I work at home in front of a big window. Still hate it.


@moondrake: Nope, Alabama. Unfortunately we're in the Central time zone and definitely shouldn't be. On the plus side, if I ever feel like getting up and going outside at 0500 then I'll have no problem seeing whatever I'm doing.


Nope, about friggin time. I live in Atlanta: on the very western edge of eastern time zone. Last week it was pitch dark at 7:00 AM, and not really full light until 8:00.


Yes, I do hate it! Odd that because I'm a night person. Problem is I do NOT like the darkness descending at 5 or 6PM.

On the flip was rather nice on Sunday to see the clock say 4PM. I decided it was really 5PM and time for a glass of wine.


It's actually Daylight Saving Time, and I wish I could have it year round. I hate darkness at 5:30 P.M. Sorry about the grammar police thing, but that's one of those their/there/they're things to me that I have to make right. :)