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Yup! Sounds exactly like what they did to an elderly neighbor of mine. Right down to the week to fix it.


I found a local guy who owns his own business for all my computer and smart phone needs. Those guys should be ashamed. Have your gramma call someone at the newspaper and investigate them.


Yes, that's blatantly unconscionable. This is one of the many reasons I'm glad my grandmother refuses to use a computer. Too many people out there to prey on the elderly and uninformed.


Sounds familiar.
I've used their numbers when quoting some work or reference and say something like "If you take it Best Buy, it'll cost you this -- I can do it for this price" type of thing.
If I don't have the time, or don't feel like working on someone's computer, I always recommend a local place over Geek Squad every time.
I can't stand them. One of the reasons I hate going to BB in the first place...


Geek squad aren't that smart too (I know some of them, and I see their major GPAs). I agree with the above opinion that local computer services are better.


Lol - geek squad. It's either college kids, or people who couldn't cut it in the actual IT industry - and so are relegated to scraping the bottom of the barrel - taking advantage of old ladies.

400 bucks? lol. she could have walked two aisles over and gotten a brand new machine for 400 bucks.


reminds me of a couple news stories on Best Buy Geek Squad and Jiffy Lube. What's ridiculous is that they caught Jiffy Lube scamming customers again.


@cornellbigred: I'm going back to changing my own oil.


Yeah it sucks, I usually offer my services to friends and family in exchange for a six pack. Don't know nearly as much as an IT tech does but I know my stuff from tinkering with computers since I was six.

Staples isn't that much better (I work there), their cost for services is just slightly lower.

The techs however seem to be honest people.

There was a lady the other day who dropped in her PC for component install, she was having sound problems and thought she needed a sound card. Charged her for a component install, had her fill out some paper work and was on her merry way. The tech got to her computer maybe an hour later, played with it to discover the lady had somehow muted the computer, so he called her and told her the good news. She came back in and we refunded the component install.


I didn't need more reasons to dislike Best Buy, but thanks anyway. I have a friend who does virus removal for $50. He also adds Avast and Anti-Malware Bytes at no extra charge if you don't already have those.


That's terrible. At the very least, I hope you've told this family member to call their credit card company to get that $80 reversed. Fraud is absolutely covered on all credit card purchases. If that's any consolation, anyway.

I think that simply a call to a higher level within Best Buy would get most of that money back to her, because it's mostly at the local level that the worst scams occur.


Wow, that is really terrible there. Four hundred to get a computer fixed? For the same amount I would've just gotten a brand new computer, and if I'm not mistaken Woot! has some desktops for that price at least once during a Woot-Off.

I've gone through something similar once. I bought a laptop from Frys Electronics which had an extended warranty (was $50 I think) and a year after I had it the laptop just refused to turn back on no matter what I tried so I had to take it in. I think the diagnostic service fee was around another $30 and then they charged me an extra $50 to back-up my files into an external hard drive that I have to provide myself, just in case the data is "lost" in the process.

Another instance was when my dad bought a laptop from Office Depot and was suckered for this $99 "optimize your laptop" service in which they just basically disabled all the graphics on windows, put it in the classic theme, and installed a $14 anti-virus software.


@cornellbigred: It's a franchised operation, not a "national chain" as reported(and this IS a 2007 video). There are crooks in any line of business, franchises are no better or worse overall.
Our shop had more problems/falsehoods coming from dealerships than anywhere else, so you do need to be cautious where you spend money.


Their cell phone service squad is the worst. I spent hours there trying to route a number (literally hours, which they finally told me was impossible). I called Verizon to do it, and it took 5 minutes.
Stupid Best Buy.
But, it was back when they offered a $50 gift card to upgrade your phone there. My phone was free, so I got the gift card and "bought" an Amazon gift card with it.


Did they sell her Monster cable also?

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@ezapprepair: A good spammer takes not to use correct spelling and grammar.