questionspossibly impossible challenge: ipod/sansa adapter


@catbertthegreat: That doesn't explain why the adapter is impossible to create, it just says they aren't commercially available. I already knew I couldn't just willy-nilly plug my Sansa into iPod-specific docks.


Alright, not completely impossible and there is the warning that this may not work at all. Also this is expensive, purchase at your own risk.

Alright folks let's gamble - Universal Dock Converter Female iPod Connector to 3.5mm and USB for $19.95:


@gratzy: Fooey. Challenges are supposed to have the #challenge tag in them. What's wrong with kids today?

Ackshully, I am mightily amused at this idea, and if you go for the thing that @catbertthegreat suggested, please report back the results. Tell us whether you now have a brick, or it worked great, or it didn't work, and was a waste of money.

What happened to your iPod, that you replaced it with a Sansa?


Here is another solution, it is quite a bit more expensive than the suggestion above, but I KNOW that it works - I had the same situation....

There are a few companies that make bluetooth ipod dock adapters. Here is a link to one listed on

You plug this into your ipod dock, then you have to purchase a A2DP bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the 3.5mm headset connector of your Sansa.

Mine works like a charm and allows me to use my Sansa as a remote across the room from the speakers.

The one I use is the "Anycom" brand and I found it online at here:

I learned about this online, you can read the post here:

Good Luck!! Oh, and if you do try the cable suggestion above, please post back to how well it worked.


@shrdlu: APPLE SUCKS!!!!! thats probly the reason!!!! lol


@snapster: Thank you for adding the tag. Challenges are one of my very favorite things.


@crowsnest: Irregardless of others' personal opinions, I happen to like my iPod far more than any other solution. I sold anything Sansa last summer at a downtown bazaar, and I had almost all of them priced at either $1 or $2, just to get rid of them.

I'm actually trying to decide now on whether I want a refurbished iPod or a new one. Refurbished not because I care about saving money, but because I want it to be the same as the one I have now.

P.S. My current preferred laptop is a macbook (dual intel), and yes, I have multiple laptops (although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my first Toshiba).


I had a refurbished ipod classic. It froze up after about 30 days. they eventually sent me a new one, but it went out again in 30 days. I gave up and bought a new one, which I have had for over a year with no problems.


@crowsnest: That is quite untrue. Not polite either. -5 votes for you.

I am a loyal Apple user, the only reason I have a PC is because of work, I can't remote in on a mac the office won't support me at home if something goes wrong. I loved my Mac, which I used for 7 years, I have replaced my PC at home three times in four years. I love all my other apple products. I would totally be getting an Ipad if I hadn't just bought a netbook.


If the ipod dock only uses the line out connector, then you could make an adapter by rewiring the pins. If it uses the apple accessory protocol, then you're out of luck.