questionswhat two sides do you pick in a "chain…


Depends on what my choices are! I like fries, but I wouldn't double up on fries most likely.


Baked potato & another baked potato. Love them w/everything piled on! Yummm Carbs & protein. ;-) I take home a doggie bag w/leftovers. (AKA a gmwhit bag)


I usually choose sides that will reheat well, as the salad and steak usually fill me up. So a baked potato (or a baked sweet potato if we are thinking of the same nutty steak place), coleslaw, potato salad, steamed vegetables, etc. Nothing fried or that will suffer for being kept in the fridge for a day or two. I especially like to take a baked potato home as I can throw some grilled chicken or other meat on top and maybe some steamed broccoli and make a whole 'nother meal out of it.


Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. With the fixings on top of both.


I like a salad, rice, or chili. Never got anything else...