questionsanyone planning to buy the droid razr?


That is one of the dumbest commercials I have seen in a while.
Almost as bad as the new PS3 "Join the gathering" ones that Hulu keeps showing on my Xbox 360.

OT: I have an iPhone so no.


@wickedd365: of course you wouldn't get the commercial, you own an iphone ;)

Yeah, that's one thing that I haven't been too happy about with Droid marketing in general... some of the commercials are just weird or stupid.


@coolphilip04: That's the one they keep showing me on Hulu on Xbox, but only up until the guys open the door, then it cuts off. After watching the whole thing it is cool.
I just find it odd that they are allowing advertising the competitor on the rival system.


I guess i'll be the first to actually answer the question: like you, i also have the OG droid. I also was looking at the bionic but think I will wait for the razr. Sounds like it will also have the media and laptop dock and better stats. Only way i would spring for the bionic is if it goes BOGO so that my wife and i can each get a new one.