questionscan two people share a bluetooth headset?


You should both be able to pair with it. Depending on how your phones work one of them may latch onto it and need to be disconnected if you're both within range, but if the primary phone is out of range it will pair with the other phone just fine.

I have 3 bluetooth audio devices (headphones, speaker, and bridge) that I share between my phone, tablet, and laptop without any problems.


So long as the handset is able to pair with more than one device, it'll work.

My Bluetooth is paired with two phones; when both are in range, they will both be connected; if one is not, it won't. If one was paired but then goes out of range, then it alerts (or annoys) of that. If one was out of range but comes into range, it will need to be reconnected. Different headsets vary, so YMMV.


Most of the newer bluetooth headsets today generally supports multiple devices.

Just look for something like "multiple device support" on the box or description.

I tried looking at the description from the link provided but I cannot conclude that it'll work with multiple devices.

So no, multiple devices probably won't work but you can probably contact their customer service at to further clarify.


It should be labeled as "multiple device" for it to handle two.


Yes sure, but my axgio headset can only share with two devices, I do not know if some other headset can share with more than three devices.