questionswant to pick the next deal on woot?


@shrdlu: Yep :-) Last time worked out great. Thought we'd give it another go. You find anything you want as a woot deal from us?


@jewelrycom: So I just posted my deal, but I'm uncomfortable with the fact my real name was made public on there (yes I admit I did not read the terms and conditions). Is there any way this can be changed so the entries are organized by username or something?


i agree w. the name statement above


I used my username, but I don't think that even that should be associated with the entries (and real names should definitely not be posted as pointed out by). I think that all entries should be anonymous to make the voting truly unbiased. JMHO.


@jewelrycom: Is it just one submission per user? There are quite a few pieces that I think are winners. ;-)


@novastarj: There wasn't an asterisks next to the name portion, so I simply didn't put it in. My entry was still submitted.


@staceroo: Yeah but too late for that now for me.


@mfladd: Sorry for the delay. Just removed your entry, I think. That was the "Tanzanite Ring in 10K Gold with Diamonds" right? If you wanna repost that without your name, should be fine.

@novastarj: Yours was the "Amethyst and Created White Sapphire Pendant and Earring" right? Just removed that one too, so you can repost without your name.

@all: Technology often gets the best of us. FWIW, we didn't know your name would be next to your woot handle, but will definitely fix that for next time. For now, as @staceroo says, you can still post without your name and all will be fine :-)


This is very cool of you to do. Wish everyone was like this. :-)


@jewelrycom: Thank you! I have already re-posted. Great Promotion!


@jewelrycom: Re-posted as well. Many thanks for the quick delete.

Also used "anonymous" instead of the Woot handle, because it was required we put something and I assume (if we're lucky enough to win) you'll contact us by e-mail.


Got my vote in!

When is the actual deal going to run?


@jewelrycom: Could you please remove mine as well? Or just keep my first name?

Thank you!


@novastarj: Yep. We'll notify winners via email. Only reason we ask for your name is because we are legally required to have your name if you win, but next time I think we'll just leave asking for names to the winners.

For now, folks, feel free to leave out your name or just provide your first name, and anyone who wants their name removed, just holla.

@coconutextreme: Just looked through and couldn't find yours. Which was it?

Also, umm... @CristinaFlowers: I think it probably says this on the rules somewhere, but you might want to post something you want from, rather than something you want from another website.


@jewelrycom: LOL..I also recommended the Tanzanite Ring. We could have a winning consensus!


@jewelrycom: So.... was voting supposed to start today?


@novastarj: Voting starts today, and is now open! Have at it!

Remember, whichever item gets the most votes is our next Woot deal, and the person who suggested it gets a free diamond pendant.

It all happen at:


Ladies and Gents, thank you all for posting your faves and voting for your fellow wooters. This one was pretty close, but we are pleased to announce we have a winner! @icram brought it home with the number one vote by a margin of 268 votes! Congratulations and look out for an email from us shortly.

As promised, we're offering your winning entry at a doorbuster Woot! exclusive price (along with 4 very hot runners up). Full deets here: