questionsdeals.woot fantasy aftermath: who fired up theā€¦


There were some close games in the Winner's Consolation ladder as well! Every game was decided by 10 points or less.

The Between Names (bonus points for whomever gets that reference) edged out a victory over the Second String Zarfii. As expected the #1 and #2 seeded teams scored the highest point totals. Zarfii had lineup nirvana, but just couldn't quite get there.

The 503's barely outscored the Zombies by 5 points and the P. Duggle Crabs barely squeaked by the Cheezhed's by 1 singular point!

In the loser's ladder we had the ATL BJs upsetting the Drunk Cajuns, the Wooter Hooters shoving their oversized points in the Green Meanies' face, and the @mfladd's Scream'n Monkys barely nosing out the Nyan Cat Skittles by 6 points...hopefully putting an end to that meme forever.


So that brings the final standings (Thanks Woothulu!) to this:

1 Wootin-Tootin Capguncowboys (capguncowboy) 7-6
2 No Spammers (pxb006) 8-5
3 Dharma Initiative (woothulhu) 12-1
4 SecondString Zarfus (Zarfus) 10-3
5 Mississippi 503's (bonoman) 6-6-1
6 Wingnut Zombies (wingnutzero) 8-4-1
7 Iowa Crabs (coolphillip) 9-4
8 I Can Haz Cheezhed (rubberduckythug) 6-6-1
9 ATL Big Johnson 4-9
10 Team drunkcajun (drunkcajun) 5-8
11 Wooter Hooters (miquinn) 4-9
12 Austin Green Meanies 5-8
13 @mfladd's Scream'n Monkys (mfladd) 2-10-1
14 Nyan Cat Skittles 2-9-2

So thanks everyone for an awesome season! Feel free to keep in touch over the off season and add any thoughts or cool ideas you can come up with!


Folks in the league will notice I left out the next year discussion that was in the League Notes on our league page. I'd like to keep that discussion to the league for the time being and then bring it up in the public forum once we've decided on some things!


Thanks for the congrats. I just got lucky. And I declared and predicted myself to win before the season even started. See the question "who do you think will win I'm the fantasy football league" for verification.


Btw I still haven't heard any confirmation from @snapster about a trophy or golden boc... I did check the original thread to confirm he did mention it. Waiting patiently