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Whoah there! Let's try this:
1) What's wrong with this website?
2) Where do you see a Wootbot deal from said website?

I did a search and only found 3 dinodirect deals, the most recent of which was 6 months ago, so what are you talking about?


They have crooked crooked business practices. I did a search and didn't see their presence. Just checking b/c I dont want others ripped off like I was. Simple.


@abramokids: The OP said woot boot, not wootbot. :)


Three sponsored deals, and their last had some unhappy wooters commenting. Plus their Facebook wall has constant complainers also.

Not good. But please don't blame @wootbot for this!


We are no longer doing business with this company.


@msklzannie: See, this is what happens when you answer questions at midnight...
I fail