questionsi need a cute soft case for an ipod 3rd generation


this search might help you weed out non-3rd gen items.

The problem is, that is a very old device so there is almost no market for accessories.

By "cute" I assume you want something feminine. I found a few pink cases:
Not pink, but feminine:

Good luck!


Wow... impressive, thank you!


@veropierre: You're welcome! :) When I did my search the first time, it was showing tons of other apple devices. when searching in google you can do "-touch" (without qoutes) and it will omit all searches with the word "touch" Handy for using google shopping searches. :D


I'd try ebay. There are a whole bunch of different cases and a lot of them are priced under $10 with free shipping.


@staceroo: Those all look like Ipod Touch cases. Unless the original poster was incorrect, they stated they have an iPod 3rd gen, not an iPod Touch 3rd gen. There is a huge difference between the two devices, and the cases are no where near compatible.


@meikat: My bad! The description just said 3rd generation, and didn't specify whether it was a Classic or a Touch. That's what I get for assuming.

@veropierre: I guess if it is a iPod Touch you're in luck! ;-)