questionsdo you think this is how raises should be given…


I think when it comes to individual raises it will still depend on the persons work ethic. This is a "bonus" so to speak.

Good luck hitting your....err, their goal!


I think that's actually quite generous. I mean it's silly of course, but it's a good way to increase business, which is what I think the owner is really trying to do. A 40% raise is pretty substantial.

Of course, raises should consider performance and cost of living adjustments, but I'm a fan of this. I don't really bother with FB likes, but I might do this, to help get them 0.005% of the way closer to the goal.


You can buy that many "likes" or "followers" for less than 40% the most minimalistic salary though. Can't see why the guy would spend so much for such a little return, especially when there's less than 10% of those likes who will produce an ROI.


Thats funny, because Obama, champion of the middle class, is going to increase the federal minimum wage (almost 20%!) so everyone gets a raise and you don't even have to "like" anything! The Auto Mart USA owner obviously makes way too much money if he can callously throw around 40% pay raises. If he has got an extra 40% to pay these three gals then why hasn't he done it before? I don't even see the benefit of 20,000 FB "likes" from across the country for an Auto Mart that most people will never be within 500 miles of..


@davidschronic: just as an FYI, only those people that are currently making minimum wage get a salary increase when the minimum wage increases. Some people might actually get fired because the owner can no longer afford those higher wages.


@cengland0: haha I know, just being facetious. I am considered a "large employer" in my area and a minimum wage increase coupled with the expected $48,000 I will pay this year as a "penalty" in conjunction with Obamacare is about enough to drown me (what the "middle class" worker does not understand is that I will not be taking a pay cut, and I will not be closing my doors. The cost of goods an services will undoubtedly be increasing across the board and that increase will be borne by the middle and lower class). When I started this business (8 years ago) federal minimum wage was $5.15/hr. It will now have almost increased 100% in 10 years and with CEOs making "record wages". Maybe that's because you have to pay someone that much to guide any business through this stagnant and slowly dying economy. I just like to take a couple of jabs from time to time to make people think about things a little bit. I admit I am famous for being a little heavy on the sarcasm. :)


@coondogg97: I hope they make more than $100/yr.


They should make minimum wage $100/hr, then everyone would be rich.

(I'm joking, joking...)


@davidschronic: More people making more money creates more demand for products and services. Low- and middle-income folks tend to spend bonuses and raises; high-income people tend to invest or save it.

Personally, I think the economy would be well served right now by an increase in social security benefits. More money out there = more consumer demand.


@magic cave: I'm not in the group that is "defiantly (sic) willing to try and help".


@magic cave: That doesn't make the actual wealth of purchasing power any different though, it just means more money chasing the same amount of goods. It's a classical example of how inflation works. To increase wealth, you have to make/do/create more stuff or ideas. You know, be productive, not just stuff money in pockets.