questionsis there a way to get a member's e-mail to…


Except through a court order, no - that would be invasion of privacy.


Do PMs not get forwarded to the user's email? That's odd.


@rprebel: There's no notification that you received any.


Here's the incredibly arcane method. Find the user over on regular woot. If this user has never made a comment, you're already behind. I'll address that problem next. Once you've found them, make your private message, and be sure you say in your message that they need to acknowledge it in some way so that you know it was read. Once you've made the message, you cross your fingers that they have notify if mention turned on (or that they check for messages). Go and make a comment naming them on some random older question, such as:

@drjing: I left you a PM on Woot (or similar).

The above is JUST an example, of course. I have not left you a PM.

If you cannot find a comment on Woot by the person, your ONLY hope is that they have notify on, and you provide them a link to your private messages, so that they can ask you what on earth you want? (You)

There are no easy ways to do this. Sorry.


@shrdlu: Well said! I think I would have added 'archaic' after the word arcane. ;-)

@drjing: You might also consider attending the black triangle meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. Behind Wal-mart; don't forget to wear your t-shirt. Oh, and wear pants of some kind, you don't want to end up on thepeopleofwalmart site. ;-)


@shrdlu: I started reading and got to the end of 2nd paragraph and though... "Who wrote this it is spot on fantastic". I looked and smiled and thought "of course it is shrdlu"



Okay I read all that and came up with, probably no way for them to know they have a PM


@lexian: Once you've done all of the above (@shrdlu: is a peach!), other than sending them a psychic message that they have a PM waiting, you've done just about all you can do.

EXCEPT maybe asking @jumbowoot to pass a note in class to that certain someone letting him/her know you've shoved a note into the front slots of his/her locker. Jumbowoot's in charge of the Pep Club and knows how to contact EVERY one. But I wouldn't count on it working.


Since we don't have a faster work around, how about starting a triangle club thread over in World of Woot and have everyone make a comment - then at least there would be some main area where we could pm if needed?


@thumperchick: You start one and I'll wander over and comment!


Depending on the person, they may use their same name on other websites and you can do a Google search and try to contact them outside of Woot. Kind of creepy and stalker-ish, but effective depending on how bad you need to contact them.


You could get a job at Woot and stalk folks that way-but they may be on to you now.