questionswhat gift did you receive last christmas that you…


I often re-gift, but nothing this year. At a loss for what to give me, people sometimes give me girly stuff that I will never use (having never been a girly-girl) so I re-gift it in a different social circle to someone I think will get better use out of it.


I don't think I have anything to regift this year. However, some of it will end up in a user sourced BoC I'll probably be offering very soon. Most of them are little trinkets that I get from co-workers and such.

I have regifted in the past though, and I'm sure I will continue to in the future!


Can't say. SIL is a Wootizen and, well, I'm not sayin' that she'll get a re-gift and I'm not sayin' that she WON'T get a re-gift, I'm just sayin' that I can't say. Right?


I haven't figured it out yet...I'm torn between the serving platter and the cookies that came with it.


I never re-gift....but I will re-crap with the wootizen exchange.