questionshow many gifts should your child receive for theā€¦


That's a good combination. My nephew is getting two things from us. And he's not even our kid. The number isn't important, but the sentiment is. Get them things they want, get them things they'll grow to like. Don't overspend or they'll turn into ungrateful things.

Both of the things we are getting him happen to be toys we've played with ourselves within the last year (either in-store or elsewhere) and are educational or brain-building.


Exactly how is your question "politically correct"? What is "dosee"?


@jsimsace: I honestly can't tell if you're trolling the OP, but: "Holidays" instead of "Christmas" (or Hanukkah, etc.) and, I have to assume, the character limit for titles reeling its ugly head (Do see).

Anyway, @michael1211: if you can hunt down the article, that would be cool.