questionscome on spammers. can't you can do better than…


It's not that spammers have lost their magic touch, they were never really going after the average internet user. They primarily focus on people (who may even be very intelligent!) that have very little experience with the internet. Yes, it is much much harder to find today, but these people do exist. I personally have two long time friends in their 50s now who do not surf the web and don't have email. The internet is just one big black hole to them. If you think back to your first day using the internet, you will be able to realize how these spammers still do what they do.


There are always suckers and with the size of the internet the likelihood of a curious newbie being a sucker is pretty high unless parents or friends have educated him/her. A bad presentation can still bring in revenue for bad people.


Wait you mean I won't get $500 for every e-mail from Bill Gates that I forward?

Dammit because I really needed the money while I wait for my $$ from my long lost uncle in Nigeria.


@finzup: Is he also the deposed King of Nigeria? Because I think he contacted me directly for help.


@mybestuser1: I actually have one of those "suckers" living with me (my 67yo mom). She occasionally borrows my laptop to attempt something online. I had to create a separate login for her, complete with incredibly stringent restrictions. Even with great anti-virus software, she was still managing to screw something up each time she got near the computer.


@curtisuxor: there must be two of them. in fact i think there are two of them so no worries, we'll both get our money. In the mean time I sent away from a free $5000 loan so I am doing some internet shopping.