questions1 year of changes.. what is your thought on theā€¦


I'm generally a fan of change. I like most of the updates but I'll go point for point with you.

00: Popular Tab/Top Tab Change on Deals.Woot
I, as well, am fairly indifferent about this.
01: bag of crap contents change
I got my 2 best BOCs this year. (not counting the proposal one since that's not to me)
02: Downvoting
I like downvoting when it's a tool to self police the community. I hate when it's used as a weapon or out of spite. EG I posted the same deal first so the person downvotes me.
03: shirt.woot change to Honduras shirts and the price hike to $12
Other than the bigger neck hole I could care less.
04: added items in the shirt.woot (totes/etc)
I spend most of my money here buying shirts I already own for other people. and I love the aprons.


05: addition of home.woot
Having just bought a new home I love home woot.
06: change in the way BoC "spawns" in woot-off
Scored 2 BOCs this year because of it.
07: change in the Woot! Monkey (mask)
I do prefer the older monkeys better as well.
08: recent changed new layout of woot
I love it.
09: addition of Woot!Plus
I know of it...that is all.
10: Sport.woot
I can't see myself buying much from sport woot but who knows what things could pop up there. Look at it this way non sports fans this will keep golf clubs off of main woot pages.


multiple repeated questions being asked


Well, I'm still here so it can't be all bad :)

I've enjoyed the evolution. Soon, this fish will have legs.


@devexityspace Too many all at once. This breaks my brain!

00: Popular Tab/Top Tab Change on Deals.Woot
-Unable to figure out the value.

01: bag of crap contents change
-I'm too new to comment

02: Downvoting
-Don't care for it.

03: shirt.woot change to Honduras shirts and the price hike to $12
-Bad moves.

04: added items in the shirt.woot (totes/etc)
-Don't care

05: addition of home.woot

06: change in the way BoC "spawns" in woot-off

07: change in the Woot! Monkey (mask)
-Don't like.

08: recent changed new layout of woot
-A hot mess. Overkill. Like the tabs, though.

09: addition of Woot!Plus
-A worse hot mess.

10: Sport.woot
-Ditto 8 & 9


I pretty much agree with all that @devexityspace said. You have summed up all my feelings. I've been trying for a long time to not say this but... Woot really doesn't feel the same. I can't recall the last time I saw a deal that made me go "OOOH! MUST HAVE!" or caused me to have an impulse buy. HECK, even the shirts aren't as good (no offense artists!)

The writeups aren't even a focus anymore. You need to click a seperate link just to see them? Really?

With all these "deals" to choose from on the million sites, it's a pain just to even see if anything is worth my time.

Woot launched a new sub-site yesterday. Do you know how I noticed? By watching their Mortimer and Monte video. I said, "Wait, what?" and finally saw the new sight, which BTW, does not have it's own color, much like the new not-purple sellout

Woot used to have a few simple sites, but now there's WAY too much, and they've lost focus on what made them great.


03: I didn't mind the $12 price, since I still bought them at the regular $15 price anyways. I DO mind going import, and have held firm on not buying them, including yesterday's Unstealthiest Ninja 3. My biggest gripe is how gigantic the neckholes are. With the wider shoulders, they just don't fit well ... so why should I spend $$ for something in which I wouldn't like the way it fits?


all the changes, all the new tabs, all the new products, but where's the tongue in cheek sense of self importance, the bold unapologetic naivety? i miss the old woot where they would show me something i had never seen - had no use for - and totally couldn't pass up at that price


Didn't they originally say the price increase to $12 from $10 was so that they didn't have to start importing?


08, 09

I also don't like the new woot plus system on the sites. Browsing the top comments are less of a convenience and more of a burden. I actually thoroughly dislike the changes on every site.

This isn't simply a case of hate-everything-new-ism. I used to be active on DW (mostly the Q side), but I just don't like the new font. It actually pains my eyes to read it. My activity noticeably dropped after the changes. I check the sites once a day now.


Woot got established as a one-deal site, but then became vibrant by building a user community partly centered on the "insider" status of getting those deals. But all these new daily offerings are diluting the brand/mystique/etc. Woot is well on its way to being an Amazon lightning deal outpost and/or just another slickdeals-type site.

As the great Pepe Le Pew might say, "Le sigh."


00: The tab: meh
01: BOC: First year that I've been able to get one. So no change noted here
02: I like the downvoting. I don't do it much but it's nice to have the option!
03: Boo imported shirts! Booooooo
04: I like the totes but have not partaken
05: I actually LOVE home.woot. I've bought some good stuff there, esp. during the wootoffs
06: LOVE it, keeps things exciting.
07: Disappointing new monkey with his weak mask and subpar workmanship
08: My participation on the site has significantly declined since the change. I still check the deals but don't hang out on Woot as much. I agree that it's too cluttered and don't think it's quite as hip.
09: Don't like Woot Plus. One Day, One Deal is now one day, 21 deals. And that's just more deals than my little head can wrap around.
10: It was bound to happen, I'll keep an eye on it just like the other sites.


Customer Service seems to be a little more indifferent than in the old days. I'm having an issue over on big Woot with an item I purchased that I am hoping will get resolved sooner than later. They used to be lightning fast with their email responses, even on the weekends, so they've spoiled me :/


Here's something I've noticed. Go look at the sponsored deals. See anything unusual? No? Try again.

There are less votes on all of them. Usually by now there are more votes. It's almost 10AM on the East Coast. There are less questions on the AtC side (and the number of questions has been dropping for days, and NO, the algorithm didn't actually change). Yesterday I was astonished to notice how few deals had been posted in an hour. I looked more closely for a bit, and there are simply less of them. You know that other question about Moofi jumping the shark?

I'm suspecting that Woot has managed to strangle the poor goose, in an effort to wring out that last drop of gold. They're now looking sadly at the remnants, because there weren't any actual eggs inside. The magic's gone.

It takes months to find a customer, but only seconds to lose one.
The good news is that we should run out of them in no time.


Woot+ feels too much like a Fab/Foundary/OneKingsLane. That's bad to me, I think it distracts from 1 Day, 1 Deal products. It's also a departure from the Woot "we're selling 1 product at the best price possible so get it NOW" mindset.

Woot should have taken these microstores and turned them into a new property, like - because Woot+ is a reverse of woot in the way it functions (several deals for several days). Take all the Woot+ microstore links, slap them on one page at, and like I said, that's Fab/Foundary/onekingslane.

The wootsites are still selling 1 deal a day, but the page isn't dedicated to that deal. Buyers have to click to get product deals, the quality comments only show 1 at a time and scroll by too fast to read... all the things that used to either build or reinforce a buyer's desire to purchase have been hamstrung.

You're left with two e-commerce models that work - daily deal and microstore - smushed together like pastrami and PBJ.



@zethreal: No, they didn't. The claimed "costs are higher, we need to do this" (paraphrased)
Many in the "community" voiced the opinion that the price hike was OK as long as they kept the shirts made in USA. Woot! never refuted it.
Just like how many assumed "sekiyoku" was banned, Woot never refuted it, but it was not true.

j5 j5

I have no issues with anything Woot has done.

The expectations of the BoC's has changed. If you don't like what you get in the BoCs, don't buy them. They aren't forcing you to purchase them. I, personally, am happy EVERY time I get a BoC, good items or not. The work to get, and then anticipation of delivery is well worth the $8. Those that have issues need to lighten up. Woot is a business, they can't make money by giving 4000 big ticket items.

The site design will grow on you all. Just relax, give it a month and you will be okay. There is no need to beat a dead horse. If you have issues, submit your beta feedback once and let it be.

Shirts: I could take it or leave it. From the business standpoint, Woot had to do what they must to be able to continue selling shirts. I'm sure the alternative to non-US shirts is far worse. Trust that those that run the business are well aware of what they are doing.


There's a lot of grumbling out there for various reasons. Aren't we the community that's supposed to solve everyone's problems? So what do we propose?
I doubt we're going to ditch Woot! altogether. Would Woot! get more business from us if it went back to the old Woot!?