questionsi received a large box filled with free stuff i…


Wanna expand on that? Did it come from Woot? Did it have your shipping address, or was it supposed to go to the neighbors? Did you look at your account and see if you were charged for a package, but forgot you ordered?

Maybe you received a boc from our fabulous Woot! Look for a letter in the box, and let us know.

Edit: Woot did send stuff recently for their birthday, and you have been a member for a long time. I would go with the BOC. It is the best explanation.


i did recently have a birthday. i did not order this stuff & it is not on my order history. it came from woot to my name & address. by my estimation the box contained over $400 worth of stuff....& that is a conservative guess. the problem is this: i actually live in the country of panama. i use mailboxes etc as my mail forwarding company. i was charged $200 for shipping charges & customs fees! so the stuff was not really free to me. i did not order this stuff but now had to pay the $200 to mailboxes!


@babb001: Ouch. That hurts. But look on the bright side: Woot! was thinking of you. I am sure they didn't know you lived so far and the cost of shipping would be astronomical.

Was there a letter in there from Woot? And I meant it was their b-day and sent out boc's to some customers, but Happy belated Birthday anyway.


That just about falls under the "no good deed goes unpunished" category.


You could send me the stuff if it would help. :)

Seems like there should be some controls built into mailboxes ect to prevent unexpected charges like this.


there you have it! the stuff was awesome & i loved it....but seriously? we try to keep our shipping costs under $200 each month....this month $400!!!!~ ouch!


@babb001: that we have all commiserated with you on the OUTRAGEOUS shipping charges...

Post pics of this wonderful BOC so we can ooohhh and aaahhh with you.


Do you know someone that also woots and ordered you something recently? I'm wondering if they forgot to change theirs shipping address on the recent BOC.


Another idea: If you want to Private Message me the order number from the shipping label (probably called the Reference Number), I'll see what I can find out. Do not post it here, please.


@babb001: Hey, let us know how this turns out. Yep, I'm really nosy, but I bet there are a lot others who would like to know, too.


@thunderthighs: Why is a thread that has not had any activity for a week in the top spot on the "top" and "popular" pages? Nothing makes sense any more.


@moondrake: i don't know...maybe because i am so very special


@babb001: You are, indeed, very special. And I certainly don't begrudge you the top spot, I had a question resurrected a while back myself. It just seems so odd to come in on Monday morning to see what new things happened at woot while I was away over the weekend and find the answer is...nothing.


@babb001: How did the situation turn out with your $200 shipping costs?


@magic cave: just paid the shipping & used the free stuff. thanks for asking. i have gone on with my life :)


@moondrake: pardon if this gets posted in different cursor seems to have a mind of it's own & jumps around will nilly. thank you for making me feel special. i don't check woot community every fact only when i have sassy talk necessary here :) is there something i can do to make this string go away?


@babb001: Nope. And it's not your concern. It's just D.W acting in it's recently very wonky way. I just posting on it because I was wondering if staff had noticed. BTW, a good friend of mine grew up in Panama. We visited Costa Rica on vacation last summer and he took a few extra days to go and visit the Canal Zone where he'd lived as a kid. He says it's very interesting how much has changed, yet how much has stayed that same.