questionswhat garage door opener should i buy?


when in doubt i just head over to 'best sellers' category, read some reviews and do a price googling around..

Best Sellers in Garage Door Openers:

i don't know much about them, but i hear Genie's are popular nowadays.


Don't buy Genie. Their current offerings still have reliability/durability issues. Go with Chamberlain or ones manufactured by them (Lift Master, etc.).

A larger motor doesn't have to work as hard as a smaller one, but unless your garage door is really heavy, a 1/2 hp is more than adequate. Even a 1/3 hp will handle a standard 2-car garage sectional, but with minimal price differences, opt for a 1/2.

Belt is quietest, chain noisier, screw most failsafe. All work, so unless noise is a big issue, I wouldn't worry too much about one or another.


@narfcake: that was perfect, thank you. After looking around yesterday, I decided on belt drive since it is right below our bedroom. I didn't see bad things about genie so I'm glad you mentioned that as well.


The genie on the house I just bought has been there since 2001. It works great still. It's not as well made as other more expensive ones but it's getting the job done and has been for a long time now.


@nmchapma: Genie used to be good, but then they went cheap.


@narfcake: I've never bought one before so the I have is all I know. It doesn't seem the most well made but I know it's the original. It seems okay but the next one probably won't be a genie.


I bought a genie off of woot a couple of months ago despite some negative reviews. Quietest garage door opener I've ever heard. It's a chain driven unit but I can barely hear it when standing in the garage. It also opens and closes fairly quickly (compared to other openers).

The real issue will be durability, but based on the negative reviews, I plan on putting up a surge protector as it seems a lot of the problems people have been having are related to electronics getting fried.

I've used, purchased, and installed many different brands and kinds of garage door openers and it's a crap shoot. Even the supposedly more durable units fail and have problems. There's a German manufacturer that is supposed to be top of the line, but you pay for it. I say figure out your highest priority features and work from that. For me, it was cost and having a keypad, the quietness was a surprise bonus on the Genie I bought.

I do recommend that you ask a friend/relative to help you install it.


The speed at which the door opens or closes is adjustable. there should be two knobs that you rotate to turn it up or down.


@jjj611: If quietness is what you seek, then look into Sommer, which is the German brand that @thepenrod mentioned. Home Depot and Lowes can both order them.


Chamberlain, quit and lasts forever!


@thepenrod: Based off of all the information you' and others provided, I looked into the three brands mentioned. Sommer is a little out of the price range that I was looking at but Chamberlain seems to have the best reviews and most features.

I decided on this one:

It has the battery backup (doubt it will be necessary, but it's a nice feature in case I ever run into power issues) and the ability to open/close it with my cell phone. It also seems like it has the most features for a very reasonable price. If anyone has experience with this particular model, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks again for all the input, everyone!


@jjj611: What makes it a belt drive? That sure looks like a chain in the picture.


@bsmith1: Honestly, I didn't really look closely at the picture until you said that (I'm on a netbook) and until you look closely it just looks like a black stripe. Then when I looked closer, it does look like a chain but I filtered the results at home depot to just belt driven when I was searching for it.

So after you said that, I went back and looked at the other photos and a closeup shows it really is a belt.

Otherwise I was just basing it off of the description and the name of the product.


Did you end up installing it yourself, or will you pay someone to do it? I just want an idea of how much installation would cost vs installing it myself.


@zodaddy: I'll install it myself. Home depot had something on their site about including installation and I think I remember it being $118.


What do you mean by openers? The remotes or the motors? It sounds like you have the motors to open the doors already and you just need the remote.

If that's the case I'd suggest this:

Otherwise, I've been really happy with the one that I linked above. I ended up purchasing it and installing it myself (~4 hours)


@narfcake: I just wanted to say thanks again on this. Your input was extremely helpful and I've been very, very happy with the chamberlain. I can barely hear it in the room above the garage.

For anyone else looking, I have a little more info to add. My best friend's house had a genie installed by the builder and it already broke. Obviously that doesn't necessarily mean they're all bad (and I don't know what model it was) but I'm glad I didn't end up going with it anyway.

I did end up going with the Chamberlain I linked above (I will include the link again below) One of my favorite features was something I never even thought of and it's the motion activated light. The other great features on this one are the battery backup, the ability to open/close it with mobile phone, and once again, it is so quiet. Home depot will accept lowe's coupons so you can use this link to get $25 off