questionswho has some advice on r/c helicopters?


I love using the Syma s107. Mine has been pretty durable and with such a low price tag (~$20, free shipping on Amazon) it is definitely worth it.

I'm curious to read others' responses. Where is there to go from Syma?


I'd suggest the S023G from Syma, without question.

Flies about the same as your S107, but about 15" long and heavy enough to fly outside in still air. (no RC heli flies worth a darn with ANY kind of breeze). Get the S023G and you'll basically get the experience you like from the S107, but the option to do it outdoors. I think I paid $55 for mine (they are more than the minis).

(Word of warning: a similar model, the S022 from Syma is the one copter of theirs I EVER found to be ho-hum, skip that one even though the twin-rotor design is cool). Don't let the one-digit-different model number confuse you, the 023 and the 022 are totally different.

As to where... I have had 100% good luck (and great prices) on Amazon buying from X-Heli and Hobbysphere both. (for the record: No affiliation with Syma, No affiliation with the mentioned sellers).



any 4 channel helicopter that has a single blade and a tail rotor would be initially hard to control. no matter the size, usually anything with dual rotors and gyro (which balances itself automatically) would be ideal. I would try something like the link below:

I have not had experience with, so please do a little research about them before purchasing.


I've been out of the hobby for a while now, but i used to get a LOT of my stuff at they have everything under the sun and usually pretty solid prices.

That being said, please check out your local hobby shops and buy there when you can. They are little mom & pop shops that should stay alive. When you get into the hobby more you'll find they are great places to find like minds, advice, clubs and more. You can often get "That part" you need to fix something so you can keep playing, without having to wait for FedUps to deliver. ;)


@kcjones99: Wonderful - looking for advice and it's already here!

My 13-yr old stepson wants an RC helicopter for Christmas, but he's a novice. Would the S023G Syma be too advanced for him? He definitely wants something that flies (ok, he's not a novice with land-based RCs), but would he be better off with a plane instead of a helicopter? $50 or so is the maximum budget, so I could swing the Syma but not much more.

Any other suggestions in this price range would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wooters!