questionsdo you own cowboy boots?


My dad's got an old pair I could wear if I ever need them. I don't own my own though. I've only worn them a couple times at this country western themed bar around here. I don't wanna stick out too much haha.


Yep. I wear them now and then. No horse (although I know where plenty of them are, and could probably borrow one if I wanted to).

Horse stuff is all off in another state (or two). Last horse that was actually mine was a buckskin that was 1/4 thoroughbred and 3/4 quarterhorse. I miss that horse. Easy gait, and loved to run like the wind.


bought my first pair as a teenager. had several "stylish" varieties that got tossed thru the years, and bought a special white pair with heart cutouts for my wedding. everyone in the wedding wore cowboyboots. had to get my nephew a pair just cause he wanted to "belong" in the group (no, he was too young to be a part of the wedding.) i still have (and wear) the first pair, and have the wedding boots. my husband has had several pairs thru the years, but ultimately because of how bad his back is he can't wear any anymore (they still sit around the house thou).
(and yes the entire wedding party wore cowboy hats too!)


My brother was into boots when we were kids, but I never cared for them. Now Timberlands, on the other hand...


i have ostrich boots, they were expensive as hell. i don't wear them very much


Not only do I have cowboy boots, I've got (Profanity)kickers & I've got custom made dress boots out of exotic leather that I'm embarrassed to name. I got them 25yrs ago, and the (real) country/cowboy world is a totally different mindset than the urban one. My boots, hats, & most my guns are out at the ranch. I've been too busy forging the life of a scientist to get back there in... well, too long.

My dad co-owns a cattle ranch. I spent summers & breaks working at the ranch through highschool & early university.

I know of an illegal gambling, drinking & dancing establishment that happens to house the worlds largest Jim Beam bottle collection. It's amazing. Jim Beam made all sorts of theme bottles over the years, cars, horses, scenes. It's in a dry county. It's okay, the Sheriff is usually there with his family on Saturday nights. Err, he was. This was decades ago.

My little brother graduated law school wearing his ostrich cowboy boots.
It's a different world.


got them for a role in a musical... that was an expensive, non-solo part...


Nope...and don't want none either.


Grandpa always said "cowboy boots are like hemorrhoids: Every a**hole is bound to get a pair eventually." In fact, I think he said that when he was giving me my cowboy boots...


I used to have a couple pair when I was in high school. I still have a pair of ropers but the last time I wore them my feet hurt like heck.


Yes. I was riding every week last summer and didn't have any suitable footwear. Picked up a pair second hand at Savers for $10. Living in the southwest it's easy to get them second hand. I'd had a pair of ostrich boots when I was younger and we had the ranch and I rode daily, but gave them away when I had to give up my horses. They are pretty essential for riding, both because they make it a lot easier to find and keep your stirrup and because tat long toe gives the horse the satisfaction of stomping on your foot without there being any foot in there.


got me 3 pair, pretty standard for native texans. first is the every day pair, next the dress up pair, third, the ok to get dirty in mud pair cause they stink already.


I wear them all the time! I have 5 pair of cowboy boots plus a pair of harness boots!