questionsorder on dec7th? no christmas presents this year…


Sorry to hear that this has happened to you. And it sounds like you are not the only one. Woot has really ###### up on shipping this year and disappointed so many people who were expecting their purchases to be Christmas presents.

Way to go Woot. Are you even trying to set things right for these people or are you just giving out lame excuses.


What @barnabee said. The situation is just plain out of hand.


I'm sorry for the problems. I see you've emailed CS. I've sent an email from this end as well. Hopefully they can figure it out on Thursday. I'm sorry they didn't make it in time for Christmas. :(


woot is turning into one of those disreputable sellers who aren't allowed to post items on deals.woot.


In Woots defense I have had 3 Amazon Prime package mess ups this month.

I have bought a couple things from woot and have never had problems until Amazon took over... Maybe the change to the drop-shipping they seem to be doing now is the problem.